About Me

Hello, everyone on the internet, my name is Shayla, if you need to call me by something I suppose. Welcome and I hope you’ll stick around. This blog will consist of many things, to begin I’ll be talking books and writing, a lot. Other things like baking and the course of life will be included too.

I’m currently an IB student with a lot of work to get done, sports left and right and needing a new outlet for my writing. My title is exactly what it sounds like, books are an escape and one I cherish.
This is a solo work moving on from my previous blog with some friends, called meers2review, which is being discontinued. I will be transferring some of my posts from there over here as well.

So stay tuned to my blog and settle in for the show, I’m even curious about what will come out of my mind on here.

Until next time,





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