Review: Rae of Hope by W.J. May

12720979How hard do you have to shake the family tree to find the truth about the past?

Fifteen year-old Rae Kerrigan never really knew her family’s history. Her mother and father died when she was young and it is only when she accepts a scholarship to the prestigious Guilder Boarding School in England that a mysterious family secret is revealed.

Will the sins of the father be the sins of the daughter?

As Rae struggles with new friends, a new school and a star-struck forbidden love, she must also face the ultimate challenge: receive a tattoo on her sixteenth birthday with specific powers that may bind her to an unspeakable darkness. It’s up to Rae to undo the dark evil in her family’s past and have a ray of hope for her future.

four star

A new take on ideas of supernatural. This book does not go into a full out werewolf and vampire kind of thing, so it’s great for anybody who is trying to get away from that genre, try something different or just enjoy the idea of gifts. And even better, Tatus.

The entire idea behind the Tatu was something I immediately loved, a lot. How it works is, on their sixteenth birthday, a Tatu will appear on their body. This allows for a sweet take on symbolism because whatever capabilities they have is symbolized within the Tatu, sometimes literally, other times metaphorically. Not to mention the creativity the author had coming up with some of the gifts in the story. It was an interesting way of looking at it and using their own symbolism. And best of all, our main character Rae, ends up with one beautifully descripted Tatu herself. Makes me want one.

Now, onto Rae. As a character, she is incredibly relateable. Pulled into a new and tough situation when suddenly everyone seems to know who she is, except for her. Not to mention, they look at her negatively, all due to a past she has no idea about when joining Guilder. Through it all, she is tough and stands by what she knows and believes in. All the while she begins to learn as much as possible to attempt to understand her situation. Understand it in ways no one else has been able to, but she might be the only one that can find these answers. Also, her personality is pretty dead on and with her faults she never comes close to being a Mary Sue. A pet peeve relieving to not have to deal with.

Then we have a take on forbidden romance that has your heart beating and loving the Rae’s relationship as it forms with lover-boy. He’s amazing in many ways and is one of the people that doesn’t bother with judging Rae, not in the least. Always a sweet thing to do, and earn points from me. And later on, he took chances for her and helped Rae along when he could, however he could. The rest of the romance though is for the reader to discover.

Rae’s relationships with other characters are always an interest. At Guilder, where everyone thinks they know who she is, it becomes harder to know who to trust and who might be out to get her, all because of her father. This makes trust a hard thing to give and she makes it through her own way. A quirky best friend, a cocky smart mouth, funny artists. Various types of characters all around, and all of them seem to fit perfectly with their Tatu, at least in mine and Rae’s opinions.

Further on, the plot. This book has a steady plot, something I appreciate a lot more in a book that was fairly short compared to most of my reads. It flowed nicely, revealed information and tidbits for the reader and Rae at just the right moment. By the time the climax hits, my mind was reeling trying to figure out what would happen next as it happened. Let’s just say I read the ending especially fast. This plot kept Rae strong the very end, bringing her to her limits and pushing her in ways the young teen hadn’t been before, emotionally more than anything. Also, it didn’t have an abrupt ending, it flowed to a nice stop following the climax, but left me waiting for the next book ready to find out what would happen to Rae next. Since at that point, anything might happen.

I would recommend this series to those, as I said before, who are into the supernatural, werewolf/vampire genre and trying to find something a bit new. Anyone who likes seeing characters grow and come into their own in a tough situation and if this interested you, it’s definitely worth a look.

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