Best of Slam Poetry

If you don’t know what slam poetry, otherwise known as spoken word poetry, is then please go look it up immediately on Youtube trust me you won’t regret it, also I’ll put a link up here eventually since I plan on doing a talk about Spoken Word.

For this post I’m finding my favourites of spoken word, most recent of course, and talking about them and leaving the links here you guys to go watch. Which you better do. Now that’s enough of me explaining, onward to the post! onward-my-noble-steed-19802

1) I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate

Let me say, as a high school student myself the very first time I watched this I was left speechless. This is really the perspective we need to look at when it comes to schools and education and our priorities. This guy , Suli Breaks, brought it all together honestly and upfront. Bringing up the problems and contradictions society uses to judge us every day. Put together beautifully it speaks for itself, so take a look. Three words: powerful, strong, entrancing.

2) “Like a Woman” – Spoken Word Poetry by Annabelle Fern
Subject of this is explanatory enough, women and the “expectations” of what we are supposed to be. Never who we want to be. The metaphors she entwined into the poem were beautifully and gently said with an impact that slowly hits you the longer you watch the video and listen. She drew me right in and I was stuck. The finishing lines, brought a smile to my face and hope to my heart.

3) “Lost Voices” – Darius Simpson & Scout Bostley (CUPSI 2015)
Once again, the power continues as a theme, my favourite part about spoken word. This poem touches on two perspectives, shown in such a unique way it pulls you right in. In their performance, they tell a story from the child who is black and a child who is female. This one comes from Button Poetry and man I just can’t get enough of it. The point comes across firm and clear, can’t be ignored.

4) “Explaining My Depression to My Mother” – Sabrina Benaim
The subject moves on to depression and anxiety, tackling mental illness and the struggles between teens and their parents. For this, I can speak on experience, it is not easy. She speaks each word with the emotion she no doubt wrote it with. Not only that but the struggle she goes through rings true and strong. Unbelievable, I still go quiet when reading it. Her lines are beautiful and the story created is…astounding.

5) “Can we auto-correct humanity” – Prince Ea
Moving on to the next subject here, one of my favourites and the only one I’ve watched that explains it so well; technology. The new world we live in is all technology and no communication. There isn’t playing outside anymore in the Western world. Capturing and mind-opening.

Hope you guys take a look at this and do listen to these videos, all of them are empowering and unforgettable in their subjects and I hope would stick with you as they have with me. I touched on the main subjects, education, feminism, racism, mental illness and technology. I think I’ll be doing a series of these posts dedicated to a specific subject.

I also plan on posting my own spoken word up here, hope you guys will like it and I’d love to get some from you readers out there.

Until next time,








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