Top 10 Odd Crimes

I wanted to do a top ten list and somehow this ended up becoming the topic. Have fun walking into this one. anigif_original-grid-image-30734-1440007185-13

  1. Arrested for having sex with a floatie
    I have no idea why someone would need to have sex with a floatie so badly in public, they would be willing to be in prison for 11 months. America I guess.
  2. Polish woman attempts to create “Frankenstein dog” using dead and live cats and dogs.
    I will admit, at first I though this post would be funny. Of course I was proven wrong. Disturbing, is probably a better description. They found 100 dead animals in freezers at this woman’s house along with 72 malnourished cats. I might kill her myself. Not just the americans then. Also, this happened in 2013, just sayin’

  3. Oregon man busted for aiming laser pointer at commercial airliners.
    Back to America we go. In the report he says he did it for “the excitement.” Possibilities of causing a crash by temporarily blinding pilots did not occur to him.
  4. Indian man shot by town criminal for not putting onions on his omelette.
    So…yea. Don’t mess with a man’s onions apparently, certainly not one with a gun.
  5. Florida man attempts to pay water bill with cocaine.
    He put it in an envelope…and just handed it into the office. Okay sure. That’ll work, brilliant.
  6. North Dakota man high on ecstasy caught shoplifting embarrassing sex toy, claims he did it cause he was embarrassed.
    Apparently, a woman saw him with it and he decided to pocket it. Shit happens? Either way officially arrested for possession of stolen property. Honest version? Shoplifting an artificial vagina.
  7. Delaware man arrested for allegedly throwing his bodily fluid at woman in Walmart. 
    The question and answer involved in this article says it all, so here ya go: article.
  8. Florida man gets busted for driving drunk inside a Walmart.
    Can we take a few steps back to the last three words? Not a typo. Motorized shopping cart in Walmart while intoxicated, man these people are creative.
  9. Louisiana man rides horse into bar lassos man and then drags him around the parking lot. 
    I didn’t even need to read this article, alcohol. There are just so many things here. He rode his horse into the bar? Drunk riding a horse? Lasso? Again, Americans? Please explain. I’m so lost and amused right now.
  10. Crazy for chicken wings for the Super Bowl? 
    Even the writer of this article was confused! These guys, so worried about not having chicken wings for Super Bowl decided to form a heist. For $65 000 worth of chicken wings. Don’t know if I should be impressed at the attempt or just disappointed in general.

So I definitely was not sure where this one would be going. Definitely decided to only keep this funny because some of the crimes I found were disturbing (even more so than Franken Cat yes) and I deemed not a topic for tonight. Or ever. If you guys want to check out more, you can find these articles on

Until some other time,




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