Movie vs Book: Vampire Academy

It’s an age-old argument. And the majority of avid book lovers are going to be for the movie side. I’m one of you, but my opinion still manages to get swung around. Here’s how this tale of Vampire Academy’s transition from book to movie went for me.

Catastrophic and tragic are the two words that come to mind. 

You see, I began reading this series when I was in fifth grade: six years ago now. I was a bookworm from the start and needed more mature reads. Mead was a wonderful author for me to experience her stories with. Loved the series from beginning to end, Rose became an amazing role model in my younger life and each new book to that series made me jump for joy. Every time, that new book was finished the day I had it in my possession. I can still remember a teacher taking one these books from me in grade seven. rs_500x247-140408114123-tumblr_static_tumblr_m197eosvms1qi23vmo1_500_large
It was cruel okay! A scarring memory.

So, I’m sure you guys can all see where this is going now, right? The sixth and last book to Rose’s story came out and ended in 2009. I continued enjoying Mead’s world with Bloodlines, spin-off series. Then, out of the blue, 2014, there’s a movie coming out for it. IT’S HAPPENING. One of my favourite books in middle school is going to be a movie, dream come true. excited-baby
Then reality sets in. oh-shit

“What are they going to do to it?” “Will it be awesome?” “What am I going to do?” “It could be the most amazing thing ever!…or the worst.”

That might decently sum up what went on through my head and between some of my friends. Terrifying. And of course, because the world absolutely needs to be cruel time and time again, my worst fears came true and more.
They made a story I loved impossible to reread ever again. The movie was a complete joke. If I had never read the Vampire Academy books, I can admit, it would’ve been alright, definitely a joke still and a comedy. It most certainly was not what I knew it had been in the novels and should have stayed. I wish I could ask Mead about her feelings on this.

Ultimately, it was an alright movie. Funny and interesting. But terribly done. Characters of course were terrible especially Dimitri and Mia. C’mon! Seriously, short, pixie cut! And Dimitri is lean! Not saying his actor wasn’t good-looking there was just no way he was anywhere near close to being Dimitri Belikov material. Are you kidding me? It was just…no words. I am working myself up writing this, bad idea. I usually try to block out these thoughts about VA to save myself the heartbreak.

Most of all though, it’s the fact that I cannot read the VA series anymore. The movie legitimately ruined it for me. Perhaps, this is only adding on to the fact that I’m older now, yes of course that changes things. Never to this extent though. For that, I think I’ll always be wistful of what once was. A relationship with a book and its characters ruined. That was the result of this book-to-movie transition.

On a quick side note, if you want to check out my full review of the book here. And for more talk on the wreckage of books by film makers, check out Michelle’s post on the difficulty too.

Going to curl up in a ball now, until next time,



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