Mini Review: Darkest Powers Series

This is my first go at a true mini review (because I can’t deny some of my regular reviews can be pretty short) and we’ll see how it goes.
Starting off in the mini review categories is the Darkest Powers series by Kelley Armstrong. Armstrong, I love her, but I first read this series about four years ago now (holy crap) and I can’t bring myself to reread when there’s so much else. So let’s begin shall we?

For the first book The Summoning I already have a full review of it written and posted on my blog here.

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The Awakening {Darkest Powers #2} by Kelley Armstrong


In the second book of the series, Chloe is taking the full step into who she is, but there’s still of course so much to discover. I loved the turn on the romance of course., worked so much better in my mind at the time (remember, going off of memory here). Topped the first book in the way that Chloe’s character began to develop. She was easily disliked by me in the first book, since I found her rather judgemental and close-minded. Here, her mind was forced to open.

The Reckoning {Darkest Powers #3} by Kelley Armstrong

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Chloe knows more truth know! Finally, we’re out of the dark on why she is so weirdly powerful. Yes, that is exactly why I still like this book; it answered my questions. Otherwise admittedly I’m not sure if it’s that memorable. I love Armstrong’s writing, as always she reaches beyond expectations. I just find these characters lacking perhaps more than anything now because I feel Chloe as a much more immature character than I like.

red_rose_by_fiction69 copy2Feel like I need to point this out. I kept my ratings and level of love of these books based on when I first read them. I loved them without a doubt back then. Now, my opinions have changed, but it doesn’t actually mean those books were any less wonderful.

Have you already read the Darkest Powers?
What were your thoughts on this series?
Any Armstrong books to recommend?

Until next time,




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