Book Quotes and Scenes

Throne of Glass

by Sarah J. Maas

I will never get enough of this series. Here is a beautiful scene that will hopefully lure you in to read it, so I can rant with more people. It just sums these two characters up beyond anything else.

“She moaned into her pillow. “Go away. I feel like dying.”
“No fair maiden should die alone,” he said, putting a hand on hers. “Shall I read to you in your final moments? What story would you like?”
She snatched her hand back. “How about the story of the idiotic prince who won’t leave the assassin alone?”
“Oh! I love that story! It has such a happy ending, too—why, the assassin was really feigning her illness in order to get the prince’s attention! Who would have guessed it? Such a clever girl. And the bedroom scene is so lovely—it’s worth reading through all of their ceaseless banter!”
Sarah J. Maas, Throne of Glass

And because this is my first of this series of posts, an extra bit.

“You have the skills,” Chaol said, “but some of your moves are still undisciplined.”
“That’s never stopped me from killing before,” she spat.
Chaol chuckled at her agitation and pointed his sword at the rack, allowing her to get to her feet. “Pick another—something different. Make it interesting, too. Something that will make me sweat, please.”
“You’ll be sweating when I skin you alive and squish your eyeballs beneath my feet,” she muttered, picking up the rapier.
“That’s the spirit.”
She practically threw the rapier into place, and drew the hunting knives without hesitation.
My dear old friends.
A wicked smile spread across her face.”
Sarah J. Maas, Throne of Glass


Seriously, Throne of Glass is my love child. I adore it beyond belief. Cannot get enough and I finished the last book that came out with more than a year until the next one. I have been waiting seven months already. I can feel myself slowly shrivelling up inside. I think I might cry. A review on this series will no doubt be out soon. Once I’m mentally okay enough to. Which might be never. In a sentence? This is one of those series that starts off amazing, and moves into something so much more and special in your life. A true haven for book lovers.

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