How To Build Your Dream Body With HIIT

First and foremost, change perspectives on what this “dream body” is.

The first lesson in this post:

  1. Learn to love your body and its flaws


That doesn’t mean you can’t try and improve on it. I’m in the process of doing that myself. I’ve been going through a tough time lately and for me that usually means eating a lot more shitty food and avoiding the gym like the plague. It sucks and it’s a cycle I know happens because then I just feel worse and worse until I’m on my feet again. So, I’ve gained some weight I don’t really want and plan on working it off. Not for anyone else though. It’s for me and my confidence.

It’s so important that when working on yourself, you focus on your mindset at the same time. Completely forget about all the stupid bullshit on media and magazines. Your body is yours and it is unique. For me, the point in working out is to feel better and to have a healthy strong body. It’s good for my sometimes up and down mental health in all honesty. There’s also the fact that I play a sport pretty much every season of the year {ignoring the fact that I’m Canadian and our seasons can be…yea}. I want to do my best in them all, that competitive streak there, but training my body is a key part of that.

      2. Focus on why you want to change your body, not why you should.

In the past, I’ve been hurt by what people say about my body. It stings, but it builds more of a bitterness than anything I find when I’m working out. For some people, focusing on that may help, but I say it can act as poison just as easily. Working out should be painful on your body, until you curse yourself for coming up with the stupid idea, but wonderful and fun for the mind. So don’t forget to laugh at yourself when you fail at a pushup or the burpees Kick. Your. Ass. That is their job after all.

     3. Get real, do the workout that works! HIIT!

See, like just about every other person out there that lacks even a micromilimeter of patience, I like to see results quickly. Abs don’t happen over night sadly. Trust me, I’m still looking into that, it could happen someday and if it’s possible, I will find it tumblr_n0nb4zq7ia1r9ytr3o1_500

Best way to getter done quicker and more efficiently? HIIT. High intensity interval training, AKA the workout that will kick your ass beyond burpees. You will struggle it will hurt, but these workouts take half the time and do so much more. Keep giving it! 52343_orig

Let me give you a few facts here:
You will burn more fat. See that science behind hiit in short, is that it gets your metabolism going, and keeps it going. Which means burning more fat, for more time and leaving your body better for it. An example? I have a ten minute hiit video that does more for you than 30 mins on the treadmill ever will.
Next, helps for a healthier heart.
You don’t need to go to the gym for this. The majority of these workouts don’t need equipment. {Except for the time my brother and I made one of those workout ladders out of duck tape on our driveway. In the name of HIIT}
This will efficiently cause you to lose weight, the fat, not muscle. Of course that leads me to remind you, you can burn fat, but your weight may stay the same because you’re gaining muscle on too. Muscle weighs more than the fat you get rid of.

I’m going to be challenging myself for getting back into my HIIT routines with the spring season. And for help, go to, one of the best sites I know. Just filter in HIIT as your choice, no equipment and you’re set with numbers of videos to workout out along with.
And because I’m cruel, I challenge any and all who dare to do this HIIT workout: Can you HIIT like a girl? 22 minute cardio workout. You will have a new respect for cardio.

Has anyone else ever done hiit? Have some better workout setups {please share that one especially}? Let me know in the comments.

Hope my message about your body being yours came across well and until next time,




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