Book Quotes and Scenes

Mind Games

by Kiersten White

I just finished this book awhile ago and posted the review, some of those lines stuck with me, sooo here they are for you guys.

“I start at the beginning, mentally screaming every obscenity I can in alphabetical order. Then I start setting them to the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”

This is a book with mind readers remember. Not a bad solution.

“I turn and walk out, knowing exactly how many steps will take me away from that monster. Once again wishing I were Fia, Fia who could have killed him with her bare hands.
Fia who is impossible broken because she can do just that.”

Annie made me like her more here.
And finally,

“Their smiles are lies.
Most smiles are.”
Kiersten White, Mind Games

Until next time,


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