Reading A Book By Its Cover

Age old saying that for some reason people relate to other people. I do not get why. Oh yea, that’s right because it doesn’t work with books.

I mean, guys you can tell me not to read a book by its cover all you want, but when I go into Chapters, it will be the first thing that catches my eye sweet heart. Too bad so sad, it is a basic part of being human, we go to what attracts are attention. I have certain kinds of books that do that really well for me and caught me like none other when I first found them. Usually, I can get a pretty sweet read out of it too.

For example: 13084206_1046260402133408_917569392_n
This trilogy I actually have not finished, oops, got distracted. But above all that. I was browsing the day I found this book and it was the instant thing that caught my attention because this book looks pretty cool and dark, the exact kind of thing I was looking for at the time.

Even more books continue on with these series and wonderful covers:

Of course now I’m seeing a trend in my own favourite book covers. Jeez, kinda creepy. I like swirling, fantasy designs apparently that hint at something more. And with Throne of Glass? I just like badass shit, can’t help that one because it is SO true. Except for A Creature Of Moonlight, because it’s a recent buy and I haven’t read it yet, these examples were amazing reads. I loved each one in their own, unique kind of way that made them the most important thing in a book. Memorable.

That sums it up very nicely. And without the covers done so well with these series, I might never have experienced these extra lives. That, makes them extremely important to me. Because almost every book I read, I believe, changes me in some way.

Back to the covers though I will say though this is not always the case because I always have to be my own devil’s advocate. I just find it’s much more common in the Young Adult genre. Outside of that, I’ve read numbers of books that are truly fascinating with the wonders I love, but the cover seemed boring. I simply suggest towards marketing companies, MAKE IT EYE-CATCHING. It works. Because we all do it, even by accident.

It brings me to a new experiment. A challenge for myself and all you book lovers and readers out there. Next time you’re out book shopping (because what other kind of shopping need there be), don’t read any summaries. Pick out about 5 or so books you’ve never read and only based on the cover and the title. Try it out. Then once you’ve picked five and read the summary. My bet is they’re all going to be the same genres or similar ones. I’m actually really curious about this one because the one’s you pick will probably also be your favourite genre, like romance or adventure. All without even knowing what it was about. keep-calm-and-don-t-judge-a-book-by-its-cover-3

Good luck and happy reading, let me know how it goes and how it worked out for you. Help me in my tiny experiment peoples.

Until next time,


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