Rant: Sleep – Always Slipping Away


You see, sleep and I have an interesting relationship. And by relationship I mean I get dragged along without a single choice while it does whatever the hell it wants. And my body and mind has to follow and adapt.


I wish I was on the better side of this relationship and gif. Not happening.

So basically this is how it goes. It’s late at night, I need to go to bed because I happen to have school or work the next day and suddenly it’s just NOPE giphy1

Not happening. I will be staying up the entire night because who needs sleep anyways. Not important at all in life. No point, let’s just stay awake forever and ever. I am not impressed. I love sleeping, it’s wonderful and pleasant. Even when I have weird ass dreams that make absolutely no sense. Some of them can inspire story ideas though! So it’s still useful here people. I need sleep. My brain is already crazy enough as it is. The world does not need me surviving entirely on caffeine. Seriously, that back up plan? bad idea gif.gif

THEN there’s the other side. Where it’s only 7 or 8pm and suddenly I’m tired as all hell, except we have people over at the house. My eyes start drooping, can’t keep ’em open for the life of me. It’s a cruel struggle.
And I am fully serious here; this just happened a few weeks ago. I wasn’t in a good mood anyways so I’m like “Ok let’s go have a good 20 minute nap to feel better”. I basically died. Curled up in bed, died, then woke back up at 2am to get dressed in PJs and actually get IN my covers, then proceeded to die again until some hours of the morning I cannot remember. Silly, silly Shayla. At least everyone else thought it was pretty funny.

Next up on complaints to sleep; this morning’s episode. It is 7am on saturday and I don’t work until four and I am wide awake in my bed. Cannot fall back asleep for my sleep. What happened to just dying at 7pm? Oh of course it’s not going to happen wjen it’s convenient for me! That would be nice to poor Shayla.
And yes, I am currently tired and grumpy enough that I am referring to myself in the third person. I realize that. It’s also kind of amusing, try it out, let me know your thoughts. You’ll probably agree with some picky sleep schedule too.

This entire thing just makes me reach out to insomniacs like my best friend more. I feel so bad because at least sometimes I do sleep 12 hours when I have my drop episode. Even if it’s inconvenient. They just, sleep, yea, no not happening at all, ever.
And then there’s this thing called, hypersomnia. Because people, sleeping too much is a disorder too and that needs to be recognized. It is not always a person’s fault that they only want/can sleep. Just for anyone else who hasn’t realized it, I only learned of it recently. Be open to anyone with a disorder, there’s always two sides to the coin.

There’s my serious bit to this rant.
Somehow I just ended up with a bit of both, depending on the mood of my brain I guess.

Anybody else with rants on sleep?
The battle a pain in the ass?
Reach out and complain here I’m all ears, er eyes.
Trust me, it makes you feel better


Until next time,

Sleep-annoyed Shayla

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