Trip South – Cuba


Quick talk about a vacation I’ll be taking next year. On my way to Cuba!

Now this isn’t my first time. I was able to experience it when I was about 6 years old and thanks to that age period, I only remember bits and pieces of my time there. Those few memories though? Amazing! Except for swimming with dolphins. I kinda sorta got knocked off the platform by one of them and got very upset due to lack of trust in my life jacket. Not my fault, they were still cute, just got ย ruined a little bit is all. The memories of feeding crackers to little birds and the pool bar where they gave my brother and I cute little drinks. Those memories stay strong.

It’s what I don’t remember that I yearn for now. In all the pictures, it’s some of the most beautiful water in the world. The ethnic community. The sites and other animals. The full experience altogether, that is what leaves me in pure anticipation for when I get to go back. Better yet, it’s a grad trip for with some of my closest friends who can go as well. So excited, seriously.

There’s even a volunteer opportunity on this trip that I can take as well. Because I was also considering a mission trip to Ecuador, this adds to the excitement so much. I want the experience and being able to add something meaningful like the volunteering is incredibly special to me.

Opportunities to go deep sea fishing to an amazing afternoon on a catamaran. How can I not be excited for any of this? Once in a lifetime experience, with friends when I’m getting ready for university life. And I fantastic break from any stressing I can do in my time, which is a fairly constant possibility.

Not to mention, because how could I forget, the regular day to day activities I’ll have too. Themed party nights, some nice buffets and wonderful waters that are all mine to take in. Plus the possible exploring I could do. My inner wanderer and explorer will have free reign to come out and check out all that it can.

Have you been to Cuba? Are there some experiences I need to make sure I don’t miss out on? Let me know! Seriously, cannot miss a single thing!

This post was inspired by Daily Post Word Prompt: Southย 

Until next time,


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