How To Know When To Pull The Plug On Social Network

Now this one is for everyone in this day and age out there. Any of you reading this right now are doing it at this very moment. Taking part and living social network. Maybe not to an extreme but you’re doing it. And to me, social networks are amazing. Love them so much. Blogging in particular is such a beautiful kind of release for me that I have no idea how I’d live without it. I’m sure there are many others out there like that too.

Nonetheless, there is always that limit to how much we should be taking part of it. Here are a few signs for when you should pull that plug. 

When those comments, likes and shares start to matter too much
Now I will be the first to admit, it matters to me. One of the things I love the most about blogging is when someone likes or shares my posts. It makes me feel good, because somebody out there likes what I’m posting, what I’m writing. It’s the same with Instagram, “they think I look pretty” when people like my pictures.
But sometimes that becomes the main focus. You find yourself checking your phone even when you know you don’t have a new notification constantly. Then you’re disappointed when there isn’t anything. Even in times where you’re waiting for views on a post, but it’s only been up for ten minutes.
Right around then, it’s time to take a step back in my mind. clicksquote

When it’s all you’re doing
Again, I’m just as bad for this one somedays. This one is just a reminder that social media and networking isn’t the only thing that matters. Other things do, so don’t let it rule your life. Remember: the-55-best-social-media-quotes-12-638

When problems are being put off
This is a really easy one to fall into. Because it’s easy. Worrying about money or need to clean the house? Let’s scroll through facebook instead or read some tweets. No no, bad reader, go, shoo. Face the problems of the world and then return to the tech. Get done your things then come here. Unless you’re a full time blogger or writer, then, yea, you’re probably supposed to working on a post or chapter, not reading this.


When you constantly want more
I am quickly seeing myself how these all relate and intertwine. I swear these all have different basis. In this case, that basis comes from being happy with what you already have. Appreciate the followers you already have, the family and friends around you. Step back and think more about that. d52108d18c82823afb154d96a1433988

When it’s a beautiful day
C’mon people, stop wasting the sun outside or even the rain. Both are nice and wonderful in their own ways so don’t ignore them while they’re there. It’s not always going to be sunny. The lightning won’t always brighten up a darkened room. Enjoy them while they’re there and get the hell off your phone or laptop. Go outside and bask in the sun. Sit in front of the window and watch the droplets wind down the glass. You’ll enjoy it, if anything just for the relaxing part.
If you happen to burn easily like some friends I have, hide in the shade or slather on the sun screen. I’m not taking excuses with this one. If it’s nice out bring your laptop if you really want, but go outside. It’s good for you.
More than anything: b686349022726f01586981c9eb656977

When frustration begins to take over
Man is this a loaded one, because frustration can come in so many shapes and sizes and where and however it wants to. That fact just makes it worse of course.
To start off. Writer’s block. If you are trying like all hell to write a post or come up with an idea and wracking your brain for more like no tomorrow; sweetheart it’s time to take a step back. Enough is enough. Don’t kill yourself trying and pull away from it all. No doubt if you do just that, you’ll find it so much easier to do when you come back to it later. Refer to my orders of going outside.
This goes out to the social networks like tumblr and pinterest and all the others too. Sometimes you just need to give your mind a break. Whether they’re just not working, your phone is glitching, or no ideas will come out. Take a break. taking-a-break-quotes-2

Are there any points I missed?
Times when you decide to take a break from online?
Let me know in the comments, I’m probably doing it without realizing it.

Until next time,





3 thoughts on “How To Know When To Pull The Plug On Social Network

  1. I think I can relate to these points. I put things off for some other time, and waste time scrolling through posts. Its such an annoying habit!

    And whenever I pull the plug, I feel so much better!


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