Mini Review: The Wolves of Mercy Falls

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Shiver {The Wolves of Mercy Falls #1} by Maggie Stiefvater

3.5 stars

First and foremost, the concept in this series was what really drew me in and makes this an interesting read to go for. The first of its kind in so many ways for how to make some werewolves. That’s what makes the first book a half star, because what it introduced was so intriguing.
It was an okay read altogether. I love Stiefvater’s writing style, without a doubt. The story itself though, the romance specifically, didn’t interest me at the time. Although it was cute and a curious kind of love I can appreciate better now.

Lingerย {The Wolves of Mercy Falls #2} by Maggie Stiefvater

3 stars

The struggle continued again. Twists and turns made it very interesting and mind-catching. Creativity was fairly nice. Now though, I find it too immature in a sense that I just can’t enjoy the memories of it. Pleasant though and I’m certain plenty of readers will actually disagree with me and enjoy it a lot more. Still loved the wolves in this one.

Foreverย {The Wolves of Mercy Falls #3} by Maggie Stiefvater

3.5 stars

The ending was so intense and heartbreaking. Not nearly to the extent of some books admittedly. But I still enjoyed it beyond a doubt. I was curious and needed more more more. This is where everything peaks in the story where I found the second book lacking, it was made up for here. Definitely a lot better and a really good conclusion to a sweet series to enjoy for some charming reading.

What I have to note beyond a doubt with this books is that I believe others will have very different opinions than me, Emilie loved it and was so happy that I had read it too. However I don’t think it was quite my kind of book, enough for me to enjoy it, but of the course that I couldn’t always love it. At times, especially the second book, I remember feeling like I just wanted it to end. So despite my lower stars, I say give these books a chance, especially if you love wolves and some satisfyingly sweet romance.

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