We Forget

Come closer now, into the light
I may whisper a secret for you to write
As the moon closes in
I shall reveal the greatest sin
Christians missed this
Others remain in bliss
It is, by the buddhists not missed
A word of three syllables,
The capacity of a human, to hate so strong
Capability to love leaves nothing wrong
I tell you now, do not forget
You are concerned, by you
Everyday it seems we can’t look up
Won’t take a break from the screen.
Ignorant of sights left unseen
A world of me, myself and I where
It is you against the world for all to bear
Laughter so loud and meaningless
Crying in silence as the tears come to rest
As time and time again
We forget.
We forget of the mother,
Who’s womb we came from
The fights with our siblings,
So foolish and dumb
The grasp of a father,
Firm and forever strong
The joy of a friend,
Who could do nothing wrong
Take a moment please
Think right now and seize,
The meaning of family
What they do for you
A world should not be so black and white
Selfish or not
It is for them I live
It is with them, I became who I am
It is because of them, I wish for more in life
As we forget
Take a moment, look up
To a world beyond just you
You never know what you may find.




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