8 Symptoms of a Book Hangover

Definition of said hangover: When you’ve finished a book and you suddenly return to the real world, but the real world feels incomplete or surreal because you’re still living in the world of the book.

Fetal Position. If you find yourself stuck in the fetal position after reading and finishing a book, book hangover is upon you for sure. Or you could be cold. Fetal_position_cry

Tears. Bursting into irrational tears at any moment or mention of the book causing the problem. This also relates to whole problem where the book is over and you’re wanting to know more like tumblr_inline_n52a6sjogg1rlmg0o

Wall Staring. This one can turn into a syndrome all on its own, stuck staring off into space as you get caught up in that surreal feeling. cat-staring-at-wall

Bloodshot Eyes. Also, blurry eyesight in general from being pulled into reading a book for a long period of time as the obsession to finish kicks in. (This is usually where it all begins) tumblr_ls542zkevs1qbdxog

Dying Inside. This one is usual the big giver and links to all of the above because this is the essence of a book hangover! You are slowly dying because that book is over, you have read it, the time has passed. You need more of that world but you aren’t getting any, at least not for awhile longer. giphy4

Inability to Move On. Ahhh the old, being stuck in the past problem. Can’t let go of the other book, thereby it is impossible to even attempt reading another book because you simply cannot get into it or it doesn’t compare to the wonderous beauty of the book causing these symptoms. This can leave me kinda like this with the world: rad4451

Blanking On Worldly Duties. Age old question, “What do I do with my life now?” This usually becomes more extreme as the hangover progresses until adjustment eventually happens. Usually consists of this kind of thing: large

More Crying. Being hysterical is very much common and honestly, you’ll probably never get used to it, just adjusted to to it happening. tumblr_lwhrhuw4qc1qb7ukw

You will get used to these symptoms as life as a book reader goes on. Possibly. Maybe. Okay not really. Oh well. Hope you guys enjoyed

Until next time,


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