One Lovely Blog Award

So this is a new thing to me. Pretty excited to be nominated and big thanks to Sakshi Gour for the nomination. Stole the rules from her version of this post. Take a look at her blog!

Rules: one-lovely-blog

7 things…wish this was more specific I suck at coming up with this stuff.

  1. I’m an avid sports player and have been skating for hockey since I was 3 years old.
  2. Rugby is top of the list, I’m a hooker, gotta love that sentence. I’m hoping to sign up for my provincial team at some point
  3. I’m bilingual, know french. And I really want to continue studying sign language.
  4. I’ve been called a therapist by my friends far too many times to count, but I’m happy to help them out however I can.
  5. My favourite disney movies of all time are Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron and Tarzan.
  6. I read until my vision gets blurry, and then some.
  7. I couldn’t live the same without this blog and you guys following along with me so I need to say another quick thanks to Sakshi, this nomination means a lot.

My nominations:


Good luck and have fun to the nominees!


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