Whistler, Canada


This one is for the skiing lovers out there like me!

I just had one of the shittiest winters ever and did not get to ski, not even once. My skis stayed locked in the garage for an entire Canadian winter. If that’s not sad, I don’t know what is. Apparently, now we don’t have snow, we’re just all turning into icicles. Wonderful, peachy. It’s not like I don’t have somethings I want to do. Like ski.

Solution? I’ll pack my bags and go ski at the wonderful mountain over in British Columbia called Whistler.

Check it out:

The Whistler resort area, north of Vancouver in British Columbia, exists because of skiing. With more than 8,000 acres over 2 mountains, Whistler and Blackcomb, itโ€™s the largest skiable area in North America. That distinction โ€“ and its roughly 12m of yearly snowfall โ€“ helped it earn co-hosting duties at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Its hub is a compact, chalet-style pedestrian village.

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May Summary & Shoutout

I actually found this idea while going through my reader and it seemed like a fun idea for me to go over some things. Good for me and anyone who wants a basic sum up of the weirdness that has been me this month.

First though! Shoutout to all of my readers, followers and all the people in between for following along on my blog. It means so much to have just made it to 600+ views and I can’t wait to continue through the summer months on this adventure.
Special shoutout to Sakshi Gourย as well for giving me my first nomination, the One Lovely Blog Award. It really did mean a lot, so thank you again.

Let’s start with the blog achievements because it was actually just last night talking to Michelle that I realized, holy shit I have made some achievements. Fangirl, disbelief and excitement. Three words to sum up that reaction. And I needed to get homework done too, talk about distracting, but let’s face it, blogging is so much more fun than homework. Continue reading “May Summary & Shoutout”

Kitty Time – A Post In The Past

So about four, nearly five years ago actually, my family got so lucky as to be home to six little kittens when Luna, our dear, evil calico became pregnant. Here’s a little picture montage of my time with my six special little kitties and there momma.

The king and queen of the group
Some more colourful sisters


Family Photo

Our dear mother Luna remains quite moody and bipolar although she was a spectacular mom.

And of course she’s tortured by the one daughter we kept, Cali otherwise known as Chub chubs


Hope you enjoyed some cute kitty time!

Until next time,