May Summary & Shoutout

I actually found this idea while going through my reader and it seemed like a fun idea for me to go over some things. Good for me and anyone who wants a basic sum up of the weirdness that has been me this month.

First though! Shoutout to all of my readers, followers and all the people in between for following along on my blog. It means so much to have just made it to 600+ views and I can’t wait to continue through the summer months on this adventure.
Special shoutout to Sakshi Gour as well for giving me my first nomination, the One Lovely Blog Award. It really did mean a lot, so thank you again.

Let’s start with the blog achievements because it was actually just last night talking to Michelle that I realized, holy shit I have made some achievements. Fangirl, disbelief and excitement. Three words to sum up that reaction. And I needed to get homework done too, talk about distracting, but let’s face it, blogging is so much more fun than homework.

During the month of may on my Disappear From Reality:

  • Hit 100 posts! (114 currently)
  • 650+ views
  • 53 followers here, 88 including twitter and tumblr
  • Not adding a book read count because I am severely disappointed in myself for the amount. tumblr_n4pdtbe6au1sy6dflo1_500
  • I beat my best views ever on May 15th
  • Failing my Personal Challenge for reading books out of my genre, only two done, three currently being read

The summer months better be so much more for books. Seriously not pleased. But oh well, I have admittedly been extremely busy. So personal wise I have done quite a few things:

  • Participated and organized Relay For Life at my school
  • Completed 2016’s IB exams (that was a killer)
  • A breakthrough in my relationship with my mom
  • Began working out and training my body again, + changing some bad eating habits
  • Survived school up to this point (how I will survive university in a year I have absolutely no idea 756
  • Was accepted as a Peer Mentor
  • Rugby and ball hockey started back up
  • Got a new phone?
  • Had some fun with my friends!
  • Ordered an old read, Sweep by Cate Tiernan and the french version of Moon Called by Patricia Briggs
Favourite book this month?


Least favourite?


The books I have remaining on my currently reading is also steadily growing:

Planned Reads for June:


Goals for the month of June?

Survive regular school exams. That’s it in my personal life at the moment. Literally, Biology, Functions and Chemistry. All killing me; too much work.

Serious goals for June pertaining to blog?
  • Read a lot more and add a lot more reviews. I feel like I was lacking on reviews this month, mostly because I didn’t read enough. Or fast enough maybe.
  • Add more writing blurbs. I really enjoyed writing Into The Night and I plan on doing many more of those. just need to get my butt into gear.
  • More poems and slam poetry!

Seriously you can see where my focus is going here. Writing and my abilities with it. More practice the better so we’ll see where all of this takes me.

Thanks again to everyone who has stuck with me or dropped by during this month and I’ll hopefully hear and read more from you during this next month and the summer season.

Until next time,



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