Whistler, Canada


This one is for the skiing lovers out there like me!

I just had one of the shittiest winters ever and did not get to ski, not even once. My skis stayed locked in the garage for an entire Canadian winter. If that’s not sad, I don’t know what is. Apparently, now we don’t have snow, we’re just all turning into icicles. Wonderful, peachy. It’s not like I don’t have somethings I want to do. Like ski.

Solution? I’ll pack my bags and go ski at the wonderful mountain over in British Columbia called Whistler.

Check it out:

The Whistler resort area, north of Vancouver in British Columbia, exists because of skiing. With more than 8,000 acres over 2 mountains, Whistler and Blackcomb, it’s the largest skiable area in North America. That distinction – and its roughly 12m of yearly snowfall – helped it earn co-hosting duties at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Its hub is a compact, chalet-style pedestrian village.

 How can I not want to visit this place. These facts right here: It has a summit elevation of 2,184 meters (7,165 feet). The total vertical drop is 1,530 meters (5,020 feet) and 4,757 acres(1,925 ha) skiable inbound terrain. That is insane. You can take up to an hour on some of these trails to get back to the bottom. To take a go at this place, you need to build up some serious cardio. It is not a bunny hill. Or a hill like Batawa, seriously this is Batawa
Granted Batawa is one of the smallest Ski Hills I know of. It’s a comparison I still just had to make. Average 10 seconds to finish a run vs 30 minutes. Yea…not a hard choice even if I’m taking a plane to get there.
It also happens to be the second largest ski resort and mountain in Canada. And outside of the town of Whistler itself you have Vancouver where on a break from skiing you’re free to check out another beautiful city in the worldenglish_bay_vancouver_bc
According to stats, it’s one of the most ethnically diverse cities in Canada, along with densest. Has plenty of filming, shopping and art galleries to check out.
So basically you go to Whistler and you get a two in one of a stunning mountain with a beautiful ocean side city. What else could I ask for? Oh yea, to actually go there. Maybe next year I’ll go up for march break hmm? Not a bad plan.

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