Epically Awesome Award for Epic Awesomeness

First a big shoutout and a huge thank you to Felicia Hf for the nomination. Never thought I would be nominated for one of these, no less too so thanks a lot. It means so much.

The rules as started on Felicia Hf’s blog:

Display the Award in your post, mention your nominator, link back to them, answer 5 questions and nominate 5-10 people. chalkboard-black

1. What made you choose WP as your blogging platform?

Uhhhh. So. I first started out blogging with a group of friends on Meers2review. This meant that while I helped with the setup of the blog and all that, I didn’t really choose WordPress per se. It chose me? Okay okay, Michelle and Emilie already knew about WordPress and it was the one they thought best if I recall correctly. Then when I switched over to do a solo as they did I just kept to the same platform. I’m happy I did. It really is my preferred now, it makes the most sense for me and I really enjoy the WordPress community so I’m happy with the ‘decision’.

2. Introduce yourself and tell us about your blog

So I am 17 years old, currently ending my second to last year of high school. I live in Canada, pretty sure I don’t say eh and maple syrup is awesome. Writing is my passion, sports my hobby and life deals me out other things in between. I don’t like summing myself up, feels weird.
My blog is a mix of a lot of things, what can I say, my writing nor I can stick to one exact thing, ever. Of course I am mostly a book blog though. I enjoy talking books with whoever I can, whenever and reviews are a lot of fun. My blog has a lot of other categories to exercise my writing and keep it interesting from poetry posts to travel destinations.

3. Are you a once in a while blogger or a daily one?

This is a very mixed one for me. You see, I post every day. But those posts, like the one from yesterday for Whistler, travel destinations? I have had that thing done for at least three weeks now. I literally always have at least 8 posts scheduled at a time. Some are even scheduled already into July for something I’m planning. So daily yes, writing daily, not exactly.

4. Do you wish to publish and if so, what type of book?

Of course! Dream right there in every single way. It would be a YA book, most likely supernatural because I find humans so boring otherwise when I write about them haha. I’m currently writing a fanfiction and am in the process of planning a YA. Who knows maybe I’ll find a way to get it published?

5. What is your favourite thing to do besides write?

Umm…Anything that means I’m not bored and thinking too much? My mind usually runs a mile a minute, so I like to keep distracted. That can be anything from reading, TV to doing a HIIT workout. Anything that can have me living life I guess, as corny as that might sound.


That was pretty fun, hope you enjoy my responses and hope the nominees have fun as well!

Until next time,


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