Styles of the Kardashians


What can I say, a young teenager and even I can see role models and their effects on the rest of the population. I’ll be honest here first; I’ve never really kept track of the Kardashians and their show at all. I saw absolutely no reason too. The show seemed pointless, brain numbing and frankly, I would much rather watch some Criminal Minds or Anime.
Of course, that doesn’t mean I can avoid hearing about this famous family on social media, on tv, everywhere. I don’t watch them and yet they are able to appear in my life. Is that a good thing? 

Not really. In my mind of course, I remind all readers, this is a rant and a personal opinion post.

First off, let’s go in to what happened when I came up with this idea, got curious and googled ‘Kardashian role models’. I’m going to say, when you’re a good role model, it really shouldn’t be in so much doubt as it is on that single page of results.

Let’s see what I also found doing some research. Through that, I’m diving right on in to body image. As a teenager at high school surrounded by uniforms and a world trying to tell us constantly how we should look, I believe fiercely in these kinds of things. Most importantly; when someone is famous, they need to understand that they have taken on a public leadership role. In particular, Kim Kardashian became a role model for girls my age, younger and older, everywhere.
So I happen to find articles on her trying to lose baby fat as fast as possible. To return to a previous weight of 130lbs. One, I don’t like my weight promoted personally, but two that puts a mark on “what weight should be”. But that’s not what I’m focusing on here. I’m focused on this Atkins diet she’s promoting. Specifically, the purpose of Atkins first phase is abruptly dropping carbs. Well this sudden drop and shock to your system does not come without a cost. Some results:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation

Next, the restriction of carbs can lead to Ketosis, a problem caused by not storing enough sugar. More than anything though, it’s not for everyone. Some people need to talk to their doctor before attempting it. And let’s not forget, Kim Kardashian is rich, she can fix most problems that occur. {For more information on the Atkins diet Atkins Diet: What’s Behind The Claims.

That all alone marks off a good role model. More than that it’s her focus on body image. Now perhaps that is the fault of media and its manipulation. But I’ve never forgotten the before and after images of the young woman before fame took over. The surgical changes to herself…makes me sad. And once again, promotes the wrong idea.

Don’t change yourself and your body for the world.
Not for TV or anything.
You are you.

^ There is the basic of the idea I believe. {And yes, I know there are always possible exceptions}

For more talk on why she may just be the worst role model out there check out this post Is Kim Kardashian the worst role model for women today? on Quora.

Otherwise, I think that’s all for this one. Mostly, I guess I’m stuck on he negative ideas I feel they put out about body image and that is wrong, especially to younger children.

What are your thoughts on Kardashians? Have you followed them and seen more positive influence than I’ve found? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time,



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