Life Update

I don’t enjoy exam time. Then again nobody does we’re all just kind of like 200_s

Because who really understands studying? It’s weird. You basically just sit there rereading the same information until it burns into the tissue of your brain itself.

Anyway! Exams are upon us and I’m already working away trying to get posts scheduled so I don’t have to worry about not giving you guys any posts during this time. I don’t have a lot of time or creativity to spare though so I am bringing over quite a few old posts from my old blog with my friends. Flashback time I guess?

I will still be here, reading posts so a quick shoutout to those other bloggers out there keeping me sane, (or  however sane I was in the first place) as I stuff my head with an entire semester of information for several classes. Wow, sucks even more now.
Most important thing though is no stressing. So a word to my other students out there, stay strong and remember to take breaks too. Don’t let it over stress you because it is just exams, you’ll survive. Just be concise and focus when you need to with the proper food breaks in between. Feel free to come to me for ranting, I will happily take the break to join you. We will survive it people and return to the beautiful blogging and writing world. clinteastwood

Until next time and thanks for tuning in,


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