Writer’s Block

writers_block_binder-p127099439763846099ffe6m_400.jpg (277×242)Note: Transferred from previous account Meers2review

Writer’s Block. Some of the two most terrible words ever put together. Their meaning and what it does to me are probably one of the worst possible enemies too. To anybody who likes to write, this is problem we’re all going to experience or already have. And to those who haven’t yet? Your time will come.

When I have writer’s block, I go through terrible, terrible consequences. Emotionally, I’m messed up because my outlet is blocked, like hello, I need to torture characters in my stories for a reason, or two…I get grouchy, because again, my outlet is not being used and creativity is being wasted because I’m blocked! But probably my least favourite part of all is when I actually get out of it. By then, since I’ve gone without writing or dealing with the characters of my current story, I haven’t gone over what’s going to happen next and I’ve even forgotten some of the things I wanted to do! Hell, I don’t always remember what I’d been putting my character through since last time, and suddenly there’s that moment again, every time: tumblr_m1gsl0RYyc1rrx8xeo7_r1_250

I have no clue! That’s the sad part -insert crying emoji here- somehow I find ways to get through it and work back into the flow of writing again, mostly because I NEED to get my creativity out before I spontaneously combust. So that’s not what I’m going to talk about. No, actually, now I’m going to give you a quick list of what to do while stuck in this dreaded inevitable writer’s curse. (Or really at the very least what I usually do)

Step 1: Panic! Oops maybe I got that wrong and it should be “Don’t panic.” Nah, never mind, I’m going to be honest here, I panic the moment I realize I have writer’s block. (oh yeah and I kinda got ideas to use gifs thanks to Roxanne so I think I’ll be using them here) giphy

Step 2: Scream and cry, rant at your computer (to others), but really be ranting at your story and characters because this has to be their fault…somehow. tumblr_ne4do781Xw1qj4315o1_500

Step 3: Take a step back. I’ll be serious for one of these. I’m a procrastinator by nature so this is pretty easy for me to do. Set aside the writing for a little bit and go see the sun. Leave the cave every once and awhile. MomDadFriendsIcon.jpg (560×560)

Step 4: Continue to not write and slowly build up internal tension as time goes on.I+left+before+the+credits+_605e1722b17a090548409cf50418b15f.png (218×200)

Step 5: Have a Roxanne (sister-like best friend) get pissed at you for not writing. targetpractice

Step 6: Rant to said Roxanne until together you come up with beautiful, heart-breaking, cruel, or all of the above, ideas for characters and story. tumblr_luv0yj5dli1qmxud7

Step 7: Become so excited from step 6 that you HAVE to write. jumpforjoyopt.jpg (600×400)

Step 8: RETURN TO WRITING! (At this point I tend to go into a writing spree where I return to the recesses of my room and stay up late into the nights writing as much as possible, cycle goes on until I fall asleep) me-when-i-leave-a-room-after-farting_o_841892

And there’s my rant. I’ll admit, at first I thought I’d be serious about this. But then I got to doing it and just went, “Nah that’d be too easy, let’s screw around.” Best part is there’s honesty in every single one of those steps, or maybe that’s the sad part…Meh who cares. Not me since right now I am free of writer’s block. (And watch me get it because I said that). Anyways maybe some other time I’ll do actual tips to help people with writer’s block, if I do, I’ll add the link to that onto here. Maybe some of you were able to relate to these sentiments or at least had a good laugh.

Until next time,


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