50 Things To Do When You’re Bored

How many times has this happened to me: akkpp

Too many! So let’s find some ways to fix it!

  1. Make a list. Literally, the only reason I am attempting to make a list of 100 things is boredom and too much creativity floating around.
  2. Watch Youtube videos, get lost in that weird youtube world
  3. Nap
  4. Go for a walk
  5. Get a snack
  7. Plan out exactly what I need to do, aka to-do list (helps procrastination too)
  8. Listen to a song over and over
  9. Disney Playlist it
  10. Spin around in a chair
  11. Karaoke in your room, I recommend this one when home alone
  12. Play with bubbles, if you don’t have bubbles, go by some, everybody needs bubbles in their life.
  13. Chew gum
  14. Get one of those adult colouring books, I have two. Also good for stress.
  15. Make Jello (I did that today, still waiting for it to set sadly)
  16. Watch slam poetry videos, eg Button Poetry 
  17. Watch a Disney movie, I highly recommend Lion King or Tarzan
  18. Skype with a friend (doing that one right now too)
  19. Sketch or if you’re like me and can’t draw for your life then doodle
  20. Netflix
  21. Listen to music
  22. Practicing signature
  23. Watch TV
  24. Study
  25. Clean room or house in general
  26. Check your email, every minute
  27. Pet kitties, or whatever pet you have
  28. Watch Sia videos
  29. Look through old pictures
  30. Go out shopping
  31. Go outside in general
  32. Sit in the sun or the snow, both can be pleasant with proper garments
  33. Play Candy Crush Saga games
  34. Scroll through Twitter
  35. Check out more Tumblr
  36. Text somebody random
  37. Go visit a Bath and Body Works, check out all the smells until your nose is numb from smells
  38. Draw/write thoughts on a whiteboard, no whiteboard? To walmart!
  39. Look at fanart on pinterest
  40. Eat an apple
  41. Attempt weird recipes
  42. Dance around house, once again, I suggest when alone
  43. Go bug a friend or get them to come bug you
  44. Paint your nails
  45. Take of the nail polish
  46. Sit in a hammock outside, no hammock? You should get one they are beautiful
  47. Make chocolate chip cookies
  48. Eat said cookies and the batter
  49. Drink some lemonade
  50. READ!!!! giphy3


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