Hello Readers!

So I’ve had scheduled posts so it’s hard to say if you guys would know but I have been away from here for about 2 weeks now.

I am suffering blog withdrawal. gif_180825_despues_de_explicarle_a_mi_madre_un_buen_rato_que_no_se_puede_poner_pausa_a_un_juego_online

It’s extremely cruel because this year exams and stress managed quite well to keep me from anything even mildly entertaining. On the bright side I did manage to keep quite a few posts scheduled. Now though? My scheduled posts are very much empty and my drafts are limited. I am going to get my butt in gear because I have missed you guys and this community hugely.
Can’t wait to creep through all the posts I missed over the past two weeks!

Anyways other than missing this life on the internet I have another announcement to make. A week before going into this hiatus on blogging I received an email from a blogging website. I’ve been invited to join as an admin and I am beyond ecstatic. After some careful questions and consideration about taking more on in my life, I decided I needed to go for it. This is another chance for me to expand my writing and I am beyond words for how happy the opportunity makes me. That’s why I need to give a thanks to you guys because it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t love blogging here so much. Not that I’ll be leaving anytime soon. Just means you’ll be seeing my work on more sites and hopefully I’ll make even more improvements.
This site by the way is MyTrendingStories and has some big goals for me to add on to.

Then the next bit to all of this. I reached 1000 views!!! Fangirl over here! So mad it happened while I was all busy too or this would have come up a lot sooner. So thanks so much for following along with my posts and writing. I really to love and appreciate you guys. This maybe isn’t a huge number to some, but for blogging on here, it’s huge to me.

That’s all at the moment though, so until next time,



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