Top 10 Tumblr Posts About RowAelin

Throne of Glass, mostly Queen of Shadows, spoilers beware.
All rights go to the writers and posters of these posts. Obviously.

rowaelin pic1530735_144950015854349_2059418633_n9a27f397b86fe736a141f30f452a4cc08bb940807c2209930acb9a09264df5bae1c47d07c43254b8aa1eef7f4921c293_1ff2aee848a6a925a67188b06e023a5deb1115e4e964ff30adaf8b7a0d252fd6a_110683903_1502061760115002_302667598_n13579928_1088160367943411_1519555656_o13621439_1088160361276745_421559630_o13582237_1088160354610079_840019141_o13632905_1088160357943412_1296606898_o

And a bonus because I loved this and it’s so true:


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