Review: The Hidden by Kelley R. Martin

17162001On her first day of college, Emily meets a walking, talking god. With a gorgeous face, killer blue eyes, and a body to die for, it’s easy to see why Thomas Paige is the envy of every guy at Potomac Ridge University and why every girl within a fifty mile radius wants to get a piece of him.

Sounds great, right? Well, it would be if Emily didn’t think he was such an ass.

Since she’s not interested in becoming another notch on his bedpost, she tells him to shove it, and convinces herself that her novel use of the word “no” is what’s got him hounding her all over campus. But there are two sides to every story, and Thomas is determined to make Emily hear his. Even if it does sound crazy and impossible.

*Intended for ages 18+ due to sexual situations

3 stars

This has to be one of those books that falls under the “entertaining” category. Y’know the ones where you just do a quick read through when you have the spare time and need something decent to read? I have to say that is where The Hidden fell for me.

At the very least, I wasn’t disappointed.
I checked out reviews beforehand and found ratings either really high or rather low. Surprise surprise I’m stuck in the middle. My poor book mind. tumblr_lqyvhhwxsv1qgmqqpo1_500

I loved the beginning. It showed plenty of potential for an interesting supernatural and a man who lived on the outskirts of a culture that turns out to be pompous and snobbish. Not too surprising there. Gotta love our misfits right? Then the main character Emily comes into play.

Despite obviously not being quite normal. She isn’t anything special. That was my problem with her, there was no refining trait, nothing that made her stand out other than being another insecure character that doesn’t think they’re beautiful. Cue love interest who thinks they’re a goddess. Blah blah blah. The cliche continues. The assumptions she makes about Thomas, apparent god in the synopsis, were rude and thoughtless. He wasn’t ever an ass on purpose, but oh well, I got passed that stage.

In the end though, they were quite the pair. I enjoyed the two interacting and the ways they learned about one another. It became an important give and take relationship. As they continue and thinks became more intense, you can believe I had no qualms. They were hot and passionate. Martin did a great job in the writing and didn’t make things bad in anyway.

The plot was slow and steady and honestly,  I wasn’t really sure where it was going half the time. It was when the book was nearly done that the paranormal genre took over from romance and began playing a proper role. That role was very welcomed and the pick up was intense and intriguing. I was ready for it.

More information is revealed and the story kept moving. It just took its sweet time getting there. Since I read through this within a day, that wasn’t too troublesome. I’m afraid though that if I’d taken my time with this book, I never would’ve finished it. Quick and too the point was how I read and that’s what I got.

The romance was sexy, pleasant and I liked the chemistry between the two.

The plot was fairly original with a few cliche bits that were…meh but I could deal with them.

The writing was pleasant as well. No huge flaws, nothing to pick apart. I enjoyed the style and have no true complaints. I just think she definitely could have done a lot more with the idea she had.

Honestly, on a book gone through so quickly, I don’t have much more to say. I’m pleased. It wasn’t terrible. I doubt I’ll be rereading it though. I’ll recommend it to people looking a different paranormal romance with some sexiness to it that’s quick. The characters are original too, they are their own even if Emily didn’t impress me too much at first.

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