Prompt: As A Kid What Job Did You Dream Of Having As An Adult

I had two very different and mixed set career ideas as a little kid. One came from a love of animals, while the other came from the opinion of my mom.

Surprise, surprise they’d be so different right?

So the first one, animals? Veterinarian.
Second one, mom induced? Dentist.

Yup. It’s weird I agree.

When it comes to animals, then and now one thing is the same. I love them. They are precious and should be treasured. Dogs especially are all the companionship I could need or want in life because man are the better than people or what? I grew up with a german shepherd golden retriever mix that acted as caretaker, guardian and sister. To this day I still miss her by my side. She was an amazing dog that left a mark in our family with her presence and loss. For animals, I’d give anything. Seeing them hurt kills me.
This was all the same back when I was a little girl too. I couldn’t imagine a life without them. So I decided I’d take care of them when hurt too. Perfect world huh? Except for one little detail.

I have allergies. To everything. By everything I mean, peanuts, eggs, tree nuts, shellfish, trees, grass, dust, horses, dogs, cats. You name it the list sadly goes on. As a result, a life in a medical facility dedicated to the animals I love and have allergies to, would end very badly. Imagine an asthma attack in the middle of neutering a pet due to allergies. Yikes. So there’s that dream down the drain.ย giphy

Now onto the dentist one…I have nothing against dentists. You’re very important people. But that was my mother’s idea through and through. Frankly, I don’t feel like spending my life with my hand in peoples’ mouths. I’ll pass.

So that’s where I used to be with a future career. There was definitely some dog breeding mixed in there somewhere of course. Plenty of german shepherds. Obviously, despite allergies, I love animals. I have a dog and two cats at home.

As of now? I’ll be going onto my fourth and final year of high school in three weeks and from there go on to university for psychology and english. Somewhere along being a shrink or an editor. Wherever life takes me and I enjoy it I suppose, that’s my thoughts now.

Until next time,



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