A Letter To Me In June 2017

Dear future Shayla – June 2017 (to be specific),

I realize this is going to be interesting to read when the time comes. It’s funny how time works because nearly a year from now seems like a long time. But I know it’s going to go by in the blink of an eye. And we’re probably going to be sitting there at the end of it all not knowing what hit us.ย 

By this time, we’ve no doubt completed applications to university. Halloween came and went, a winter came through hopefully bringing snow, skiing and a great Christmas. Then comes the April birthday where we finally reach the age of eighteen. So hopefully Bailee and you/we/Iย went out to have some fun in quebec that weekend.

It might be a little late, but I hope you enjoyed it all. Like every single minute of it. Because this is it my friend. We’re at the end of a road, at a stage of our life. Starting all over again? Beginning a new life? Take whichever one you want, a new beginning is ahead of us. And I really hope we’re looking towards that new road with excitement and yes fear because we wouldn’t be us without being afraid for what’s to come, the unknown.

I hope we got accepted to all of the universities we applied to. I don’t know how we’ll decide if we get accepted to them all though. We have our top 2 still, but that could change so so easily. Either way, congrats! You made it to June, you survived the trepidation and again, fear that those applications involved. Don’t know how, but hey I guess it had to be possible.

Not to mention that, but we survived IB exams! From IAs to EEs and all the abbreviations in between. The International Baccalaureate is no longer part of our lives unless it’s helping us get into universities. It was a ride, I’m sure. Not one I think we’ll want to exactly repeat.

Then there’s the fun, academics aside. I hope you enjoyed yourself! Friends, sun, snow, drinking, playing, watching, sports. All of it. You better have taken in every moment because man if we didn’t I’ll be mad at myself.

I really hope we got to teach Emily to ski. And learned to snowboard ourselves. That’s one important thing on the list. But that all depends on Canada’s tricky weather as of late. As it is, my guess is a dry, barren winter or us being buried in snow. I’m hoping for the latter. More snow days and more skiing to be had. Perfect things to relax when we’re stressing out.

Fun aside, I hope it was all great. And I hope we enjoy our summer. This is the last one before Uni and as I said before, another step in our life. So don’t worry too much over the summer, enjoy it. Bonfires hopefully since this summer has had a constant fire ban (I’m yet to have a s’more). And drinking and friends and fun. Not in that particular order I suppose. Oh yea and let’s not forget, the trip to CUBA! It’s coming up and we’ll be gone for a week with Michelle and Emily and too many other teens to count. Talk about a wild ride that’ll be. I’m ready to hop on, and I’m sure you still will be.

I think that’s all I’ve got to say though. It’s less than a year. What could happen in a year? (man is that a loaded question)

Until next time,

Shayla in August 2016

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