My Diagnosis – And Why It Means Something

Diagnosis. What comes with mental health. The label they give you to explain what’s wrong with your brain. Why your thoughts just aren’t quite right. There are so many ways to look at it, and when I reread that line it sounds more like a negative way. I’m a pessimist and it seems more like a fact. But that’s not the full story. It never is. Continue reading “My Diagnosis – And Why It Means Something”

Must Own Books That I Don’t Own


This book did things to my head. Sadly I can’t say I own it because I read it via ebook. I have a feeling though it’s one of those I wouldn’t mind having on my bookshelf just as a reminder of what books put me through.
For my review on this book: Review: We Were Liars by E. Lockhart



This one is all Michelle’s fault. Colleen Hoover is not an author to be trifled with and her books are doing mean things to my head. I’m mentally preparing myself for the impact of It Ends With us.
Review: Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover


The naturals

YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES. I miss this book, it’s been so long since I’ve ranted about it and the next book is supposed to come out soon! In fact I haven’t even completed the review on it. Hmm maybe I should buy it and reread as a decent excuse for the review?



A recent read and one that captivated my heart and mind in so many ways.  I need this in person for the same reason we all do. To feel that connection. photo2-12



Okay…so I’m slightly fibbing with this one. I have Throne of Glass, Heir of Fire and from Maas’ other series, A Court Of Mist And Fury. However I do not own the rest of the two series! It’s rude and uncomfortable.


The sad part to all of this? My bookshelf is small and overcrowded already. I have no room to place more books and yet I am still acquiring them. To sum it up? I’m screwed. And my room is doomed to be a bookish mess even when I leave for university.

What are your current must have books that you don’t own?
Or are ebooks enough?
Tell me about it!

Until next time,




Back To School: Life In The IB Program

School is painful enough. So what do I do? Add something really difficult to it. Just for shits and giggles.

In short, IB/International Baccalaureate is a school based program meant to challenge students and better prepare them for university. Even allowing them to skip first year courses altogether. And when making the decision to leave my elementary school and go to Nicholson in grade nine, this one the deciding factor.

Continue reading “Back To School: Life In The IB Program”

Back To School: First Week Review

Okay, I’m a little late getting around to this post. Oops? I’ve actually been behaving in terms of being a procrastinator at school so far. Maybe that’s drifting into blogging instead…shit.

Anyways, first week back to school is very much done and over with!  Continue reading “Back To School: First Week Review”

Tasks Of A Lazy Day

Lazy days are important!

As  I get closer to ever impending adulthood the fact that  I’m supposed to adult more often settles in a bit too. With that I realize; I really won’t get lazy days, or rather the opportunity for them, nearly as often. This brings me to what I believe must be partaken in so that a lazy day is used to its fullest.

So that list… giphy3 Continue reading “Tasks Of A Lazy Day”

Book Turnoffs

Here it is. All those things that make you fall in love with books? Forget about ’em. How about what makes you walk away. Throw the book? Hide it in your closet to never be touched or read again? Here are some of my book turnoffs that have made me do just that.  Continue reading “Book Turnoffs”

Back To School: Sweet Tooth & Wake Up Remedy

I understand that what I’m introducing is more commonly known as a Cafe Mocha. Except mine is made from home and specifically to the taste of who makes it. And it still works for me every time.

In the mornings every once and awhile I want and/or need that extra kick. Some days that means using the truck to drive myself to school and picking up a french vanilla from Tim Hortons (aka Timmys). Now that’s nice and all, but the cost certainly would add up.

I however happen to have several things in my household that make creating my own cafe mocha a pleasant and minutes long experience.
A nice Keurig machine. I could make the coffee from scratch. But I can click a button to have water boiled, put a little coffee pack in then voila I have half of my drink done. Soooo, I’m lazy, pretty obvious which I’ll go for. giphy1

So the next step involves an entire box of those coffee packets sitting in my mom’s closet. Sneak one of those out in the morning and place it in. As said before, half my drink is done. The next part involves one giant tub of instant hot chocolate mix. Giant tub because having it in bulk is a wonderful convenience I take for advantage. The steps are fairly simple as follows.

Place a kettle on high until the water boils. Using Keurig or other method, make coffee and place in cup. I use a mug meant for said hot beverage and put at least 2, maybe 3 spoonfuls on hot chocolate mix in the mug then in the sink (for spilling protection), pour the coffee made beforehand into the mug. Because it’s long I use a big spoon to stir it up and taste test. I’m very much a sweets person, not bitter, which causes the greatest conflict between coffee and myself. This means I almost always add in an extra spoon of hot chocolate stuffs. Then using water as mentioned, add in extra water as needed.

Remember to taste test.
The amount of hot chocolate used depends wholly on your sweet tooth. I have a bad one so my drink usually ends up more sweet and tasting more like the hot chocolate. To hide the bitter, but give me the extra kick to get going in the morning.

Do you have any sweet tasting coffee drinks you do homemade style?
Please share! I need more coffee.

Until next time,