Pet Peeve: Static Characters

This came up while I was writing one of my book reviews because man is it a problem.

It comes around in books every once and awhile and…it’s disappointing. To make myself clear.

The second main type of character is the static character. Static characters are the opposite of dynamic; static characters do not change. The personality of that character when he/she is introduced is the same personality when the story comes to a close.

Yes static characters are there, they exist. You see them all the time as supporting characters, add-ins, etc. But please, do not make them the main character. Please. develop characters. Make them grow, have them change.

In essence; give them a freakin personality.

I never reviewed it, but the Born at Midnight series became a DNF thanks to the lack of change in the main character. I couldn’t bear it anymore. The story around her kept moving and she just didn’t grow, no maturing, no better actions. Same thoughts, same reactions = boring and predictable.

Honestly, that’s all I feel like saying about the topic, so

Until next time,



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