Back To School: My Plan

So the summer strolled right on in, one of the hottest ones ever where I am in Canada in fact, and now it leaves me hanging. Abandoned, lost, without hope. What do I do? Blog about it of course! giphy

All through my thoughts of returning to school, maybe things are left running through my head, sometimes all at once. Sometimes one by one (am I the only one who thought of “the ants go marching one by one” song? Yea, mmkay). The topics stay relatively the same.

I have a lot of work ahead of me. And it’s only just beginning.
I’m still sorting through a lot of mental issues
How am I going to deal with it all?

Coping has to be my biggest concern. Especially in winter where I’ve always found myself much more prone to slipping into my depression and its ways. A part of me is admittedly terrified. What if I can’t handle it and I fall off the wagon? Hell, make a nosedive off of it?

I guess the simple answer to all of that is, I’ll deal.
But that doesn’t mean preparing to have my ass kicked by actually putting effort into school is a bad idea.

I have several ideas to keep myself going during my grade twelve year.

Primarily, this idea revolves around being organized and keeping myself open to possibilities. Organization really is key and that’s coming from a messy procrastinator that can’t tell you how many clothes are currently on her floor instead of in their drawers or the laundry basket.
Besides that point though, keeping organized let’s me keep my mind a lot more clear. And the added bonus feeling when you get something you planned done? Even better. I plan to apply this to everything, because I do more than school.

Immediately, I’ll have rugby and clubs I plan on joining like yearbook. Not to mention life at work. The best way to complete it all is to, for once in my life, keep to task and take care of what needs to be done, when it needs to be done. I’ll be using an agenda this year for most of that actually.

Otherwise?  I plan on having days designated towards relaxing, towards not giving a shit, or more likely they’ll come at random when I decide it’s time to take that break, mentally, physically or both.

So all in all? This is my buckle down, learn how to actually full on try in school, year. I can’t say I won’t procrastinate. Hell, I meant to do a back to school post on procrastination and still haven’t done it. FYI, I meant to do it a year ago. Oops? It’s definitely going to be hard and might not always go too well, but live and learn right?

I just want to make it through this year with as many good memories as possible. And then move on to the life ahead that is university. I’m not even going to begin mentioning planning that. That’s a whole new pot of shit to stir.

How do you prep for school?
Organization or winging it?
Any tips for me?
Let me know!

Until next time,


One thought on “Back To School: My Plan

  1. Organisation is definitely your best bet, and doing stuff straight away rather than continuing to put it off because it’s boring or difficult. I’m going into my 4th year of uni and I’m still trying to perfect the art of not procrastinating 😛


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