Tasks Of A Lazy Day

Lazy days are important!

As  I get closer to ever impending adulthood the fact that  I’m supposed to adult more often settles in a bit too. With that I realize; I really won’t get lazy days, or rather the opportunity for them, nearly as often. This brings me to what I believe must be partaken in so that a lazy day is used to its fullest.

So that list… giphy3

Comfy Clothes

It’s not a lazy day if you’re not comfy as hell. That’s my last word on it seriously. Comfy clothes are a beautiful thing and a lazy day is THE day to appreciate them.

Good food

I don’t know about you guys, but lazy day is also a great cheat day from being healthy. I love to sit back and eat whatever it is I’ve been craving recently, from popcorn to cake to chocolate, even dried pineapple. Whatever suits my fancy that I also have access to that day.

Awesome people or no people at all.

Lazy days can be spent in either way for me, depends on my mood. Sometimes it turns into a chance for alone/me time or I want to be lazy with friends. So it’s either my close friends, that aforementioned yummy food and some serious lazing about, possibly on my hammock.
Otherwise, I’m hiding in my room happy and content in solitary.

Comfy bed/couch/floor/anything-comfy-really

As mentioned early, comfy is key. That’s not just clothes people. In this case, it means wherever I’m parking my butt needs to be comfy. Wherever I see fit and comfortable, that butt shall be placed.


YES bitchalreadystolealltheblankets_7ba0ab39d875fda152c695d06952d346

Me^^^^ So happy blankets are warm and comforting and a beautiful gift in my life. From thin to comforters to anything nice. Blankets are a lazy day’s best friend

Nothing work related being brought up in anyway.

This is similar to summer rules. During summer the dreaded school is not to be mentioned, back to school commercials are to be shunned. As per my lazy day laws, work is not to be mentioned nor the fact that I probably have to be there the next day.

Take it all in: Appreciation.

That moment. The moment where I’m settled in the comfy place. Wrapped in a blanket. Food and laptop with me. And let out that happy sigh as I take in the full comfort of a lazy day.

What do you need for a good lazy day?
Any favourite pastimes when undergoing a lazy day?
Tell me about it! Love ideas for my own

Until next time,


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