Back To School: First Week Review

Okay, I’m a little late getting around to this post. Oops? I’ve actually been behaving in terms of being a procrastinator at school so far. Maybe that’s drifting into blogging instead…shit.

Anyways, first week back to school is very much done and over with!ย 

My first week went pretty well. I don’t actually own a vehicle yet, so it would be the bus except my step dad has a work van which ends up leaving his truck free for me to use. So happy Shayla, I was able to drive to work for the first week, no bus!
So that put a brighter note right from the beginning of my day with a trip to Timmys, (Tim Hortons for the non Canadians), and on my way to school with Emily.

My schedule works out pretty nicely, English first period, then a spare, lunch followed by Biology for third then Advanced Functions for the last class of the day.

English is amazing! She’s the same teacher us IB class had for the first English, and now we have her again and she’s amazing. The classes are interesting, engaging and challenging. I love them beyond a doubt and I figured that out on the very first day.

Then having a spare followed by lunch is lovely. Two hours to myself for blogging, homework or nap time. Can’t say no to that.

Biology is alright. It’ll be a bit more of a challenge whereas English comes a lot easier. We do Jeopardy at the beginning of every class though and so far the topics being learned aren’t too horribly dull I guess. I do like the teacher in this case as well so no complaints.

Yea, no complaints. So first day, I get through all those hours fine and dandy, getting back into the routine happily enough. Then I went into math class.
To sum it up the teacher was really excited to be teaching an IB course and had heard a lot about us apparently. So she started off going on about us all being the smartest kids in the school and yada yada yada. Blow steam up my ass all you want, that’s bullshit. I’m very aware people are still smarter than me in this school. They just chose not to take this program. And some other kids in my class, didn’t need to hear that shit for the sake of over-inflated egos. Then more goes on and we don’t have graphing calculators. The school supplies them. “Okay I’ll look into it” she says. Gives us a math review and a kid tells her “I can’t do it, I don’t have a calculator” She blew off saying if we didn’t have those calculators by the end of the week she didn’t see why we were in this program.

Excuse me, but I was a tad insulted and put off. So bad first impression. Very bad. Now I’m doing work throughout the week and I’m not understanding shit. It sucks and her attitude just tends to put me off. I haven’t decided if I like her or not, thankfully we haven’t revisited anything like the very first day though. Still I thought she was rude and inconsiderate with how she spoke, ill-befitting a teacher we’re supposed to be learning from. Now, it’s just a matter of understanding everything she’s throwing at us math wise. Suffice to say, I have myย first meeting with a tutor soon.

Nonetheless, my first week held a lot of mixed feelings. I was struggling with my anxiety and the rebuilding of stress again, so not fun. And I feel as though math will continue to be a challenge in more ways than one. I remain hopeful for a good year though. Getting back into routine is nice, now I just need to add going to the gym to that as well.

Rugby is about to get underway! Back to the violent sport of my dreams. So I’ll have my attention diverted that’s for sure.

Who else is dealing with the back to school craze?
Any thoughts on the first day or week?
Share them below!

Until next time,


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