Back To School: Life In The IB Program

School is painful enough. So what do I do? Add something really difficult to it. Just for shits and giggles.

In short, IB/International Baccalaureate is a school based program meant to challenge students and better prepare them for university. Even allowing them to skip first year courses altogether. And when making the decision to leave my elementary school and go to Nicholson in grade nine, this one the deciding factor.

Why would I do something like this? I’m lazy and don’t always particularly care to do homework. Except there’s a difference. In any classes before IB, I was bored to hell and back. I had nothing to do. It was easy for me and as a result I didn’t put the effort. in. In regular classes I once got a 100% on my report card. I napped through the class or listened to music most of the time.

So when I discovered IB, I discovered something that would push me to have to care, to learn and to actually think. That was important to me. I’d never really had a problem with school. It’s interesting. This just added the interest needed.

The core to IB is its classes. It’s advanced level learning. In which my chemistry class I was learning things my brother was in his first year chemistry at university. So from Chemistry to English it’s incredibly more in-depth and thought invoking. Thought invoking is an important way for me to put it actually. Because that’s what I love.

More than anything, I am not bored. From the discussions to the topics to the assignments. It’s interesting. Not everything is about getting something to grade. It’s about the set curriculum to give us what we need.
English class last year for example. We read six different books within that semester and they were all different and fascinating, except for one, but hey can’t win em all. I think that’s important and something people forget. In that class and in many others, myself and my peers are engaged. We question, think and answer. I won’t deny some things are a lot of bullshitting to get by, but I think that’s a life lesson in of itself.
It definitely is important to me to be learning what’s interesting to me. Not only that, but it’s not all reading and pythagorean theorems. It’s real world events and different effects of religions for example when I had World Religions.

Then from all this discussion. All the learning. The assignments, the frustration. Came the friends. At my school, IB is just a program so there’s less than twenty of us doing all of these classes together. And somehow, we all came together like a family.

I never would’ve expected it. Will still hardly believe it if it weren’t for the fact that I experience it. Come exams or assignments we stick together, share notes and ideas. Help and teach each other in everything. It’s beyond insane the way we work together. Although that’s not to say we don’t torture each other like any good family. We’re mean. Being nice all the time isn’t happening that’s for sure.

But I love it.

I learn more than most my age.
I have opportunities for university set in place that I plan to take full advantage of.
The teachers, for the most part, are amazing and supportive.
Most importantly, this program has allowed me to grow close to people I don’t know I would have otherwise.

So that’s my thoughts of the IB program in a quick blurp! 6358096714000041451118510948_anigif_enhanced-20284-1409186383-1

Until next time,



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