Empire Of Storms – Reaction Post (Spoiler Free)

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I dunno how to do this. Exactly why I’m not doing an official review because I would not be able to get my shit together for this. Not now, not in an hour, not ever. I don’t think I’m going to survive the year. I finished this book on the tenth. Four days after it even came out and I finished it. What have I done?

This story got to me. Holy shit it got to me.


This is me ^. Or maybe it’s my heart towards my brain.  I don’t know.

This book, from one chapter to the next it had me turning the pages as fast as  I could. So much happening, but all building. The characters being brought to where they needed to go right under our noses. It left me nose in the book as I watched the story fly through my mind and leave disaster in its wake.

I loved every piece of it. Cannot deny that a single bit.

Maas continues to be brilliant in her writing and leaves me beyond words. I have nothing left. I can’t read books right now I’m that much in shock. Killed me.


Now I just need Michelle to finish so I can have my full rant to her without spoilers!

Those who have yet to finish or begin? be_careful-6c1da886822c67822bcf3679d04369fa

Those who already have finished? naturalbornleader

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