Farewell 2016 – I Won’t Miss You

Everybody, on every social media site, is going on and on about how awful 2016 was. And for once. I agree wholeheartedly with the internet. Much like others, I’m very happy to leave this year behind and hope 2017 will be full of many more wonders and happy memories waiting to be made.

I guess a look back on 2016 isn’t too bad an idea though for good measures of being a good blogger.  

Book wise this was actually a fantastic year for me. So many good books came out!! Of course I read through them in less than a day whenever they did come out…the next books will be out this year, hopefully I’ll make it.

Anyways which books gave me the most love this year?


Once again, Sarah J. Maas has torn my world apart and my recovery will never come. Enough said.



Yesssssssss. I loved it soooooo much.



No words. Can’t. Much good. Very wow. Smart, incredibly put together and so many twists and turns to this plot your head will be doing a 360. 6d41d37a0bd40bd076098125029fa11c


Books changing my world and breaking my heart? Check.
The world continuing to function properly beyond books? Not so much.

Let’s see, Trump got elected as president, I don’t even live in America and that bothers me. A gorilla got shot. Big celebrities died. The Middle East and ISIS is doing worse than ever. I have two videos that I believe sum it all up much better than this ever could.

Man who slept through 2016 finds out everything he missed (short UNILAD version) and 2016: The Movie (Trailer)

In my personal life?

At the beginning of the year I did begin blogging again. However I dropped my gym and healthy routine after my knee was hurt and I was experiencing chronic pain. Began to gain weight. IB began to get a lot harder. Summer, I could have done much more as always. Went on a new medication that made me gain about 20+ lbs so that’s great for the self-esteem. The gym has been a continued bust made worse by my new lack of confidence in my body that continues to this moment at my laptop writing this. School hit hard again and blogging took a dump in the toilets sadly. My brother came home for the holidays from university.

Let’s just say, I’m happy 2016 is over and hopefully some amazing changes will come to my life with this year. Along with my brother going back to school of course.

That was an incredibly depressing rant, but at the same time I needed to get that out. I think that brings this post, much like this year, to a very depressing but hopeful end.

Until next time,



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