2017 Resolutions


What can I come up with that I will actually manage to do for my New Years Resolutions?

I think the majority of my goals this year are primarily hard because they’re going to be focused on my own self-awareness and mental state. Less on the things I do. But the way I think and interpret things.

Two big changes that aren’t mindsets though?
I need to get back into shape. I might have a better plan for doing it this time around too. The gym is not working for me right now and especially since my confidence has gone down. Instead of being a place to get out some energy and feel good, my gym is now a place for anxiety and insecurities. So forcing myself to go right now is not going to work. Instead, I’m going to take a lesson from myself nearly two years ago. Start small and at home. I’m going to start doing HIIT workouts in the basement (since this is Canada after all and winter + outdoor workouts ≠ going to happen. Then if I’m up to it, runs outside, I won’t stay cold for too long if I’m running. That’s it though basically, I need to feel good about my body again, working out and being in shape is the best way to do that. Trying out some healthy eating habits will hopefully follow.

Otherwise I’m going to have to deal with my procrastination. In my absence these past few months however that’s something I’ve actually been working on. And working on and working on. Maybe I procrastinated working on it as well…yeah that sounds about right. giphy
Especially with IB and university, I do not have time to procrastinate. I need to get my shit together and keep myself in check. Maybe cleaning my room up should be part of that.

Anyways those are my life-style changes for 2017.

Otherwise, I have some mindsets and ways of acting that I really need to consider. One of which I started working on in November. That I need to focus on me and do what’s right for me. Because the only person ever guaranteed to look after you is you. That also means keeping what’s good in my life, and not bothering with what’s bad anymore. I plan on writing a post about this mass realization and the turnover into this mindset that I experienced. I needed it. I’m going to continue using it. 26fc3d109c518c78475a3e95ef0de0c7

And honestly…I think I’m going to keep it at that. I was planning to add in a lot more. But you know what? Learning to take care of myself is the gist of all three of those goals. And that’s definitely a hard enough job as it is. So I suppose I’ll keep my goals centred there. Then, whatever else comes from or that I learn from it?  The better for me and my growth.

This year does not have to be perfect. But I figure I’ll make the best I can out of each day of it.
So what goals are you setting? Or are you not bothering like I was initially going to do? Comment below! You know I’m always eager to hear what others are thinking and planning.

Until next time,



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