2017 Bookish Resolutions

First and foremost I’ll take a look back to what Goodreads said I did during 2016.

33 books total recorded on Goodreads.
11722 pages read total.
11/33 books were rated 5 stars.
Only 2 books were recorded DNF…although there are probably more that I just didn’t bother putting in the shelf…

Anyways, I’d say it was definitely a good year book-wise and hopefully this one will be better yet. My reading goal is set at 55 books, but going over it would be so much better of course.

I’m hoping of course that most of these books will be a four star or higher, but I guess that will just be up to the books.

Otherwise the greatest plan I have? Read all of those books I have sitting on my shelf that haven’t been read or finished. Yikes…so about 10 plus books? Not to mention the two new hardcovers I just bought ’cause they were on sale. So there goes about a fifth of my reading challenge already! I hope.bugsbunnygif

For the books getting read? I want to continue going out of my comfort zone. Non-fiction will yet continue to not be my favourite. But after finishing of I know Why The Caged Bird Sings and getting to go over it in class as well, I definitely see a lot more value in taking the time aside to read those non-fictions. Either way, new genres. Guess that means Michelle will be getting to throw more recommendations my way…here we go.

I also will hopefully get my reviews out in better and faster times this year. Right now for example I am really behind. Which sucks. But oh well, my own fault. Time to fix it and try to not let it happen again.

What are you bookish goals for the new year? Comment below and maybe I’ll try them out too haha.

Until next time,


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