January Summary

Eep, first month of 2017 is over and I only have three months until I have IB exams and I’m done grade 12! This is very terrifying and I hope my brain survives the trip. So before it can be fried, let’s see what I’ve managed to do this month.

Blog Achievements:

  • 168 followers, given my hiatus I’m pretty proud. Still reaching for 200 though
  • I tried to figure out how many posts I did…too many? More than 20 this time that’s for sure.
  • Nearly 200 views this month!
  • I started up a Bookstagram! (that I shouldn’t have cause I have no time for a social life as it is, but now I’m addicted soooo) Do check it out though: Instagram

Books Read:


November 9 by Colleen Hoover
Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
The Winner’s Curse (Winner’s Trilogy #1) by Marie Rutkoski
The Winner’s Crime (The Winner’s Trilogy #2) by Marie Rutkoski
It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover
Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

The rest weren’t done as reviews:

DNF: Real by Katy Evans
Friday Favourites: I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings – Maya Angelou

Reviews To Come:



I mean how could this not be? It wrecked my world and I have still not recovered properly. I don’t like book hangovers. But do I continue to fine books that give me them? Yes. Of course. Because they come from imaginations I would love to pick through.

Least Favourite:

It’s a DNF. That says it all really.

Currently Reading:

February TBR:

Obviously going to have to say King’s Cage and Gilded Cage as they were in my anticipated releases for this month.

Otherwise? That’s a very good question. Hopefully some of the books I have sitting on my bookshelf on the moment that really need reading, so I’ll put them here.

What’s going onto your TBR list right now? I know the list obviously big haha, but what are the most imminent reads. Any recommendations?

Favourite Posts:

Uhh, let me see. That’s hard this time around.

To Them, From Us: Yes this one definitely makes the list of favourites. It was a poem inspired by a friend while at school along with the daily prompt from daily post. I really like the progression this poem took and the format to boot. Plus, that title though! And for me I generally despise titles so I’m still pretty proud of this one. Not sure about the poem itself though since I’ve avoided going back and reading it…

Cover Reveal: A Court Of Wings And Ruin by Sarah J Maas: It’s the cover reveal. How could I not be obsessed. So in love. What are your thoughts on the ACOWAR cover?

Disney’s New Movie Moana: Because this movie is still amazing and no way do I listen to the entire playlist on repeat almost every day of the week…I’m a liar. BEST MOVIE EVER. I’m nearly eighteen and I have no shits to give, Disney is life.


Well…I finished off my first semester exams on Tuesday. English was great, surprisingly. Advanced Functions was done before the break, got the grade back and was very proud of myself though. Bio…let’s not talk about bio.

Anyways, the entirety of what that means is really hitting me now. I have exactly three months until IB exams in May and then my time as a high school senior is over. Holy shit people. That’s insane. That is not enough time to re-learn chemistry. So screwed. Plus, prom dress. Shit. Shopping. Awesome, but terrifying. I’m gonna go read and cry now because this is just as exciting as it is stressful. I spent the entirety of today being a bum and doing jack all because I don’t want to. I have an essay due on the 6th though so I really need to get my butt in gear. Instead of course I’m blogging.

Anyways, not much is going on at the moment. I guess.

I finished up my last session with my counsellor, we went out for lunch together. It was really nice and the closure was an excellent step in the right direction for me.

Bookstagram is slowly going to take over my life. I can feel it. I already had my moment of walking down my hall and noticing the light was hitting the ledge perfectly for a picture. I proceeded to do a bookstagram shoot. I’m obsessed. Curse you Michelle and Emilie.

What did January have in store for you guys? Any resolutions still in place?
I’m just slightly avoiding mine, as always, procrastination runs deep.
Let me know!

Until next time,




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