What Book Made You Into A Reader?


This is a question I think I saw randomly either scrolling through blog posts or blog post ideas. Either way, it’s a question that has stuck with me ever since I read it. I wish I was better at keeping track of things or I would link to wherever I read this question. But for those of you who know me…I don’t keep track of anything in my life. Ever. Fatal flaw? Perhaps. We are yet to find out. I’ll get back to you guys on that.

Back to the goal of this post and what I am also challenging you guys to do! I challenge you to figure out the book that made you into a reader! What book or series did it? I plan on tagging some people directly I think would have a lot of fun with this at the end maybe. But any book blogger reading this, should definitely take part and link back to me so I can find it and read (part of) what brought you into the magical world of books.

So what book made me into a bookworm?

My God this is so hard. I’m only seventeen going on eighteen and I can’t figure it out. I mean it wasn’t all that long ago…really. But considering it all, honestly I have to say it would’ve been several books over time. Simply put, the way books were brought into my life.

It starts out with the bedtime tradition of reading. Eventually it was a constant with my step dad. Every night he and I would sit on my bed and read a Dr Seuss book. I can’t imagine his patience because I swear I always picked the same two books. But he did it with me every night. Brings a warm fuzzy feeling to my chest because…damn I haven’t actually though about that in so long and that memory and tradition really was amazing for me.
I have a feeling karma will catch me so that if I have kids or when I’m the godmother of my friends’ kids. They’ll insist we read the same books together over and over again. Just because I did it.

Then, I can instantly recall the book I became obsessed with when I was in grade four. So how old? Uhh. 9-10? Best guess. That’s also the time I was super excited about reaching four feet. Poor little Shayla, were never going to be truly 949457tall. Such hopes. I’m maybe 5ft and 1/2. So sad.
But the book was Child of the Wolves by Elizabeth Hall. This of course also sparked my obsession with wolves that would stick with me until now. Seriously, the amount of wolf stuff in my room. If I could be any animal, wolf would still be my answer. Of course at the time, my love for this book meant I spent the entire year re-reading it. So I don’t know if it truly was what sparked the book lover in me. Except that the love I had for it, led me to look for that love in other books.

So when it comes down to it, while Child of the Wolves was amazing. It was the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead that truly made me into a book lover.
I started reading this series in grade five, so ages 10-11 thereabouts. Now I don’t know how many of you guys read this before it was ruined by that joke of a movie. But I read it way before then. And this book was my life through to high school.
I can still remember finding out one of my best friends at the time, Tasha read the series and I was ecstatic! Talking about this book was one of the first times I had a book rant. Now THAT had to be influential.

This is the series, I have to trace it all back to. It was probably the reason I was claled a bookworm for the first time in grade 5. Then I got it taken away in math class in grade 7. Note: I had already finished the work. It was easy. That teacher needed to bugger off…Talk about shocking. Getting in trouble for reading a book. It was also my main experience in anticipating the next release and the stress that comes with it.

This series put me through it all. The laughs. The tears. Living through another life. It truly gave it all to me. And for that I will always treasure it.

The funny part is, I don’t re-read this series anymore. But that’s also sad too.
I can’t tell you guys how many times I re-read these books. Because it’s more than ten. On every. single. book. I don’t know exactly what that says. But after a time, I stopped. I simply couldn’t anymore and I realize I’ve come to a point where I might’ve experienced better books. But I don’t want to ruin the memory of the series. So I can’t read it and compare it to the masterpieces I’ve read now.

I’m always going to treasure these books, the way they were when I read them. And definitely not as that god awful movie. I swear if the Throne of Glass TV show is a joke, my life will be ruined.

So that is the influential book to my becoming an avid book reader. As aforementioned, I challenge everyone reading this to figure out what brought them into being named a bookworm.

Some bloggers I’ll name off:

Michelle @ AddictivelyTurningPages

Emilie @ FictionIsMyReality

Nicole @ AwayInNeverland

Giorgiana @ AwesomeBooksToday

Meg @ MagicOfBooks

Good luck, and I hope to see others posting about the book(s) that made them into a book lover. Can’t wait to read about it! If you don’t want to then by all means, I won’t take offence, but if you do, have fun!

Until next time,


4 thoughts on “What Book Made You Into A Reader?

  1. I love Richelle Mead and Vampire Academy is my favorite series of hers. I’m often disappointed by this genre since I, too, have read some books by seriously talented writers. Have you read the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon? I haven’t been reading as much fiction, because my blog is about being inspired and learning things so I read a lot of self help and memoirs. Anyway, good topic for a post. I’ll check out the other bloggers you tagged as well.

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