One Word

The story should be brief
The telling no different
A simple statement of facts
But you would remain ignorant
Were facts the tool to tell
A story which must be told
Of a girl once young, now not
You may listen to this story unfold

A world of ideas and concepts
Expectations and wants
For what fits the interests
And who guilt haunts
There once was a freedom
Or maybe not, that might be wrong
Freedom once existed, did it not?
Or maybe just for those who belong

Let it be clear, the painting pictured
Of round pegs in square holes
And those who are pushed away
Those who did not fit the goals
They are forgotten and put aside
From open sight, who would know?
Of the truth beyond, that remains in
Shadow, cast out long ago.

A young girl: a princess
A young boy: a superhero
A teenage girl: pretty
A teenage boy: athletic
A woman: temperate
A man: powerful

What are these words to define all
To give the definition of so many
Deny the right or follow the mould
A choice worth more than penny
Money is not the all say
Nor beauty or strength
The mould can be broken
A new choice to be formed
But what is a world
Where individuality is deformed?

Let a word describe you
Let it be all you are
Let it be all your worth
Let it keep you from the stars

Make your choice soon
It won’t always be there
But if you ever change
One word to many beware
The mould is everywhere
From homes to bars
But I will be waiting
Out. Among the stars.



via Daily Prompt: Expectation

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