Quick explanation. So I have a math assessment to do for IB right now and I chose to study the times tables in ways I don’t feel like explaining. This meant I was testing my classmates privately and timing them.
My close friend Roxanne was doing the test. Roxanne’s first language is french and she uses a technique in french while doing the times tables. That meant she was mumbling numbers under her breath in french while trying to go as fast as possible at the same time. Now that’s funny enough. Either way, I know french so I was slightly following along, noting the technique and how it works. Then suddenly in the most vicious and angry voice “Motherfucker!”


And because it’s a test I have to be quiet while timing her. So now I’m sitting there trying not to laugh and just ended up laughing my ass off for a good five minutes once she was finished.

I don’t know if I explained it well, but peoples, just picture it in your head. This petite adorable Roxanne sitting in front of me mumbling in french then suddenly, BOOM. Motherfucker. And she just continues. Mumbles in french again.

2017 Bookish Resolutions

First and foremost I’ll take a look back to what Goodreads said I did during 2016.

33 books total recorded on Goodreads.
11722 pages read total.
11/33 books were rated 5 stars.
Only 2 books were recorded DNF…although there are probably more that I just didn’t bother putting in the shelf…

Anyways, I’d say it was definitely a good year book-wise and hopefully this one will be better yet. My reading goal is set at 55 books, but going over it would be so much better of course.

I’m hoping of course that most of these books will be a four star or higher, but I guess that will just be up to the books.

Otherwise the greatest plan I have? Read all of those books I have sitting on my shelf that haven’t been read or finished. Yikes…so about 10 plus books? Not to mention the two new hardcovers I just bought ’cause they were on sale. So there goes about a fifth of my reading challenge already! I hope.bugsbunnygif

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2017 Resolutions


What can I come up with that I will actually manage to do for my New Years Resolutions?

I think the majority of my goals this year are primarily hard because they’re going to be focused on my own self-awareness and mental state. Less on the things I do. But the way I think and interpret things. Continue reading “2017 Resolutions”

Farewell 2016 – I Won’t Miss You

Everybody, on every social media site, is going on and on about how awful 2016 was. And for once. I agree wholeheartedly with the internet. Much like others, I’m very happy to leave this year behind and hope 2017 will be full of many more wonders and happy memories waiting to be made.

I guess a look back on 2016 isn’t too bad an idea though for good measures of being a good blogger.   Continue reading “Farewell 2016 – I Won’t Miss You”



I has been a very bad blogger as of lately.

I am admittedly insanely frustrated myself for the recent hiatus on blogging that was worsened by the following severe lack of explanation. Rude, very rude.
I guess the explanation I can give is that I got caught up in IB and getting through everything else. The creative outlet was ignored because creativity was becoming a rare occurrence and one I haven’t particularly had time for either.

A lot has happened for me in the past three months though that I can’t wait to talk to you guys about. Current followers and any recent new I really want to thank you for stinking around and hope you will continue as I get back into the blogging spirit. Even just writing this post is making me feel better and more excited. Hopefully a lot of posts will be getting written and sent out in the next while.

So a big thanks to my followers, I can’t wait to check other blogs as well to see what you’ve been up to. Anything super big that you want to talk about? Comment below!

Happy blogging!


My Diagnosis – And Why It Means Something

Diagnosis. What comes with mental health. The label they give you to explain what’s wrong with your brain. Why your thoughts just aren’t quite right. There are so many ways to look at it, and when I reread that line it sounds more like a negative way. I’m a pessimist and it seems more like a fact. But that’s not the full story. It never is. Continue reading “My Diagnosis – And Why It Means Something”

Back To School: Life In The IB Program

School is painful enough. So what do I do? Add something really difficult to it. Just for shits and giggles.

In short, IB/International Baccalaureate is a school based program meant to challenge students and better prepare them for university. Even allowing them to skip first year courses altogether. And when making the decision to leave my elementary school and go to Nicholson in grade nine, this one the deciding factor.

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Back To School: First Week Review

Okay, I’m a little late getting around to this post. Oops? I’ve actually been behaving in terms of being a procrastinator at school so far. Maybe that’s drifting into blogging instead…shit.

Anyways, first week back to school is very much done and over with!  Continue reading “Back To School: First Week Review”

Back To School: Sweet Tooth & Wake Up Remedy

I understand that what I’m introducing is more commonly known as a Cafe Mocha. Except mine is made from home and specifically to the taste of who makes it. And it still works for me every time.

In the mornings every once and awhile I want and/or need that extra kick. Some days that means using the truck to drive myself to school and picking up a french vanilla from Tim Hortons (aka Timmys). Now that’s nice and all, but the cost certainly would add up.

I however happen to have several things in my household that make creating my own cafe mocha a pleasant and minutes long experience.
A nice Keurig machine. I could make the coffee from scratch. But I can click a button to have water boiled, put a little coffee pack in then voila I have half of my drink done. Soooo, I’m lazy, pretty obvious which I’ll go for. giphy1

So the next step involves an entire box of those coffee packets sitting in my mom’s closet. Sneak one of those out in the morning and place it in. As said before, half my drink is done. The next part involves one giant tub of instant hot chocolate mix. Giant tub because having it in bulk is a wonderful convenience I take for advantage. The steps are fairly simple as follows.

Place a kettle on high until the water boils. Using Keurig or other method, make coffee and place in cup. I use a mug meant for said hot beverage and put at least 2, maybe 3 spoonfuls on hot chocolate mix in the mug then in the sink (for spilling protection), pour the coffee made beforehand into the mug. Because it’s long I use a big spoon to stir it up and taste test. I’m very much a sweets person, not bitter, which causes the greatest conflict between coffee and myself. This means I almost always add in an extra spoon of hot chocolate stuffs. Then using water as mentioned, add in extra water as needed.

Remember to taste test.
The amount of hot chocolate used depends wholly on your sweet tooth. I have a bad one so my drink usually ends up more sweet and tasting more like the hot chocolate. To hide the bitter, but give me the extra kick to get going in the morning.

Do you have any sweet tasting coffee drinks you do homemade style?
Please share! I need more coffee.

Until next time,