Star Rating System

I have taken far too long to make up this page, for that I will apologize, but I am a procrastinator remember. So here’s a sum up of what each of my ratings means.

1 star No. Just no. Never again.

These books are one’s I really dislike and wish I had never picked up in the first place. Memories of these books will be thrown in the trash in my mind. Sorry not sorry, pretty horrible.

1.5 stars

2 stars Not Impressed.
This is very much below average and not meeting expectations for a good read at all.

2.5 stars

3 stars Okay Read.
These ones won’t be a complete waste of your time. I still enjoyed them, they just either didn’t meet expectations or I thought a lot more could have come from them. Like I said before though, still not a bad thing to read.

3.5 stars

4 stars Nicely done author, nicely done.
These books are always a love. Special enough that they’re more than an average read and enjoyable for the majority of the book. The problems with these ones are usually more minor and inconvenient than anything else.


5 stars Beauty. Thank you for existing.
These babies are my little jewels I keep tucked away for future reading, most positive of examples and massive fangirling. Especially when I find someone else who shares my thoughts on this book. Or they don’t, then I can try to convince them how amazing it really is.

Any half star rating means I was stuck in the middle, obviously. Didn’t want to put it down all the way to a two or three star, but it wasn’t worthy of a four star. The struggle bus books basically.