Slam Status

This one is for those without a different setting, that live in their world and only want that. What others want for them, for females, in irrelevant and this spoken word poet is amazing at getting that message of feminism and being your own self better than most I’ve seen. This poem of hers is one I watch again and again. I’m also sure Harry Potter fans will appreciate it.

Brenna Twohy – “Fantastic Breasts and Where To Find Them” (NPS 2014)


Slam Status

These girls are some of my favourite performers of all the Button Poetry series. They are absolutely wonderful and strong and empowering. As is supposed to be. This one in particular is powerful for woman. Now to let the poem speak for itself.

National Poetry Slam Finals 2014 – “Say No”

Slam Status

This one goes to the age-old complainers of being in the friend zone. First two lines sums it up perfectly.
This is something that gets to me simply for the point they make that I see all the time. Some guys seem to think that by being kind and a friend, they are obliged to something in return. Specifically, the female booty. So no, give it a fucking rest. done, so done.

National Poetry Slam 2014 Finals – “Friend Zone”