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This topic came up for me when talking to my friend Emily while she was planning a post. Unsurprisingly, she was worried about offending people, which I’ve worried about time and time again as well, frustrating as that is for me. Sometimes I can get away from things, but this time it bothered and inspired me all at the same time.

So I decided to share the advice I gave to her and discuss the entire thing with ‘opinions’ here and now. I figure it’s always a good thing to bring up when I am fairly opinionated.

The thing I want to start on immediately is the entire idea of offending someone with your opinion and this is also where I find lines blur a lot. I believe in speaking your mind and having the right to do that. Everyone has that right. But I have to say, when your opinion is hindering and insulting the rights and beliefs of others, then you’re doing something wrong. This has happened within my own family. Where I barely bother sharing my opinion anymore because the fact is, it doesn’t align with theirs, so they don’t want to hear it. I don’t share my insights anymore. That’s the end of that story.

But here are the facts as I see it when you give out your opinion.
You won’t start conflict, others will. That’s one thing to settle in your mind, or try to at least. Whenever I talk about an even slightly controversial topic I’m very nervous about offending somebody, but the fact is, somebody can always get offended, by something as simple as a rating I make on a book. But they’re the ones who don’t respect my opinion when they start something about it all.

One person believes something, then someone else believes another. That is a given fact of life. People supporting Trump in America for example. I heavily disagree, but there is no point in getting worked up or offended because it won’t make a single difference if they don’t want to hear it.

There’s one other very important thing I’ve realized lately about giving your opinion. A much more positive side to it at that.

What if there’s someone out there sharing your opinion, but feels like they’re wrong because others disagree. Then they read your post and suddenly something feels better. Someone else shares their opinion and more, understands it. Just anybody out there, getting the chance to connect to it and not feel alone. I think the chance of helping somebody is worth the chance of offending someone through and through.

Just a reminder and hopefully a help to those out there reading.

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Behind The Books

This post was inspired by Daily Post’s word prompt Understanding


I feel like this is something that can be easy to forget. Whether you remember it’s happening or the book and its events sweep you away. But I want to take a step back into what’s behind the books. How a truly good book in any genre, will have much more for you than an entertaining story. It will give you more and leave you with a gift if only you know how to find it. This, is why books and writing are held so dear to me.

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Writing Tips From Famous Authors

While going through the world of internet this past while, one of the posts I discovered was about writing and tips from famous others. I thought the quotes were neat, intriguing and very real. So I thought I would share them here for my fellow writers to take a look at.

1. Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway

2. Elmore Leonard

Elmore Leonard


3. Anton Chekhov

Anton Chekhov

For more continue to 30 Indispensable Writing Tips From Famous Authors privy of Buzzfeed.

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Advice to the Parents

I use this blog for many things when it comes to my creativity. But not only that. It’s quickly becoming a place to put my real thoughts out there and  I appreciate that in ways you can’t imagine.
Right now, the topic is obvious enough, but allow me to clarify slightly.

Parents that don’t, or outright refuse, to understand. That take out there on frustrations on their kids. Make us into verbal punching bags when the mood strikes. And make it as if saying something back would be rude, because ‘hey, it’s your parent, they’re stressed’ and let’s not forget ‘I owe it to them’.

For reasons I will never understand, my mom has quite the habit of it. I’m not trying to be a bratty teenager. I’m quite mature, almost at the university stage and try to understand her frustrations as much as I possibly can. But, back to that, I’m a mentally unstable teenager who can’t always do that. I am nowhere near the perfect kid, my room is a mess, I’m forgetful and distracted and tend to seclude myself to my room. But that’s who I am. My mom is opinionated, strong, forceful and judgemental when it comes down to it. She just forgets that she’s my main parent figure and whatever she says has a huge and lasting effect, and recently she crossed a line.
So lately she’s been stuck on me about little things. Then I’m getting anxious this morning so I decide I’m going to go to lunch with my friend. She called and…some things were said to me that I don’t believe will be possible for me to forget.

That’s not what I plan to focus on though. I want to hand out some advice for the parents out there, from one of the kids in hopes that I help out in some way.  Continue reading “Advice to the Parents”

How To Know When To Pull The Plug On Social Network

Now this one is for everyone in this day and age out there. Any of you reading this right now are doing it at this very moment. Taking part and living social network. Maybe not to an extreme but you’re doing it. And to me, social networks are amazing. Love them so much. Blogging in particular is such a beautiful kind of release for me that I have no idea how I’d live without it. I’m sure there are many others out there like that too.

Nonetheless, there is always that limit to how much we should be taking part of it. Here are a few signs for when you should pull that plug.  Continue reading “How To Know When To Pull The Plug On Social Network”