Questions To Destroy

The meet, the greet, the get-to-know.
The smile, the hug, the happiness I come to show.
Something there, a connection formed.
To one not much, but to me?

A glowing connection.
Proof – I am worth something.
But, dependency perhaps?

Love of father and daughter.
Not by blood, certainly not.
Is that truly necessary?

A heart to be hurt.
A connection to fade.
A glow to dim.
Is that all it ever was?
Love ever so fickle.
I didn’t believe it. I swear.
Yet I’m hurting.
So I must be lying.
Or were you?
The will to fight.
The strength to go on.
Love riding through to the happy beyond.
Maybe it died before it arrived?
A glowing connection.
Love of father and daughter.
A heart to be hurt.
Love ever so fickle.
The will to fight.
But was it ever there to fight for?


via Daily Prompt: Shine

Slam Status

First time I watched this, it nearly brought tears to my eyes in so many ways. It’s hilarious and oh so true. For that I will always love rewatching it now. Except that with a touchy relationship with my own father I can’t help but regret what I don’t quite have. However, I do happen to have it with my brother, this would be his type of lines.

Jesse Parent – “To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter”