Empire Of Storms – Reaction Post (Spoiler Free)

Does not compute. No longer functioning. = JUST CAN’Ttumblr_nm30t2z28f1suekw5o1_500 Continue reading “Empire Of Storms – Reaction Post (Spoiler Free)”

8 Symptoms of a Book Hangover

Definition of said hangover: When you’ve finished a book and you suddenly return to the real world, but the real world feels incomplete or surreal because you’re still living in the world of the book.

Fetal Position. If you find yourself stuck in the fetal position after reading and finishing a book, book hangover is upon you for sure. Or you could be cold. Fetal_position_cry

Tears. Bursting into irrational tears at any moment or mention of the book causing the problem. This also relates to whole problem where the book is over and you’re wanting to know more like tumblr_inline_n52a6sjogg1rlmg0o Continue reading “8 Symptoms of a Book Hangover”

Fangirl SOS – Throne of Glass

I don’t know all who have read my previous post about fangirling for Throne of Glass merchandise but now I have made a terrible mistake. I found another one that I absolutely LOVE. Which one do I get? Call of help to all Throne of Glass/Sarah J. Maas lovers. Fangirl in need.





How on earth do I choose…
Opinions please. Dying.


Fangirling: Throne of Glass

Sarah J. Maas you kill me again and again and now in the midst of waiting for Empire of Storms you kill me again.

People. too_much
I found her website for merchandise and it is killing me.
Redbubble – Throne of Glass

I want a tote bag so baddddd. I’m going to spend every last cent I have on this site. On these products. Did you know there are TOG duvet covers? Yes, there are. And they are beautiful. fangirlmodeactivated-gif

I just want them all. Especially *gasp* especially this wonderful tote bag. tb220x200flat-pad220x200ffffff-2u7
And it was just my birthday so I am probably going to buy myself it with birthday money because yes, I can. And Yes I love Sarah Maas and her writing and *wordless too much fangirling*. Yup yup yup it needs to happen. Well, I think that’s all for my fangirl today. Not really but I’m sure you guys have read enough. Hopefully I now pass on the fangirl bug to others among the internet.

A good day to you all,

Fangirl Shayla