Empire Of Storms – Reaction Post (Spoiler Free)

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Writer’s Block

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Writer’s Block. Some of the two most terrible words ever put together. Their meaning and what it does to me are probably one of the worst possible enemies too. To anybody who likes to write, this is problem we’re all going to experience or already have. And to those who haven’t yet? Your time will come. Continue reading “Writer’s Block”

Life Update

I don’t enjoy exam time. Then again nobody does we’re all just kind of like 200_s

Because who really understands studying? It’s weird. You basically just sit there rereading the same information until it burns into the tissue of your brain itself.

Anyway! Exams are upon us and I’m already working away trying to get posts scheduled so I don’t have to worry about not giving you guys any posts during this time. I don’t have a lot of time or creativity to spare though so I am bringing over quite a few old posts from my old blog with my friends. Flashback time I guess?

I will still be here, reading posts so a quick shoutout to those other bloggers out there keeping me sane, (or  however sane I was in the first place) as I stuff my head with an entire semester of information for several classes. Wow, sucks even more now.
Most important thing though is no stressing. So a word to my other students out there, stay strong and remember to take breaks too. Don’t let it over stress you because it is just exams, you’ll survive. Just be concise and focus when you need to with the proper food breaks in between. Feel free to come to me for ranting, I will happily take the break to join you. We will survive it people and return to the beautiful blogging and writing world. clinteastwood

Until next time and thanks for tuning in,


Current Book Phase

This post was inspired by Daily Post Word Prompt – Phase

Because let’s face it, we all have different phases for different books, genres, writing styles, etc. That list can probably go on forever. I’d love to know why we do it, but I don’t know a book reader that doesn’t ever have some phase for a certain type of book at the very least. I mean where does it come from? tumblr_mkujv6ymbz1qjnucto1_400

Our minds literally decide every once and awhile, hey, I like that kind of book, I will only enjoy that kind of book. Frustrating but true. So as book readers we just sit back and live that life and other people question it and we’re just tumblr_inline_mwdpps8zkj1s7vmxe
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Rant: Sleep – Always Slipping Away


You see, sleep and I have an interesting relationship. And by relationship I mean I get dragged along without a single choice while it does whatever the hell it wants. And my body and mind has to follow and adapt.


I wish I was on the better side of this relationship and gif. Not happening.

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Fangirling: Throne of Glass

Sarah J. Maas you kill me again and again and now in the midst of waiting for Empire of Storms you kill me again.

People. too_much
I found her website for merchandise and it is killing me.
Redbubble – Throne of Glass

I want a tote bag so baddddd. I’m going to spend every last cent I have on this site. On these products. Did you know there are TOG duvet covers? Yes, there are. And they are beautiful. fangirlmodeactivated-gif

I just want them all. Especially *gasp* especially this wonderful tote bag. tb220x200flat-pad220x200ffffff-2u7
And it was just my birthday so I am probably going to buy myself it with birthday money because yes, I can. And Yes I love Sarah Maas and her writing and *wordless too much fangirling*. Yup yup yup it needs to happen. Well, I think that’s all for my fangirl today. Not really but I’m sure you guys have read enough. Hopefully I now pass on the fangirl bug to others among the internet.

A good day to you all,

Fangirl Shayla